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Paulo Olarte & Chelo Scotti


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  1. love that minimal tick tock house sound, excellent mix !!!!

    cheers Fin

  2. ..nice session guys
    all the best

  3. oh baby. bring it on. you do make a nice couple on your photo’s. Olarte, I,ve asked before. When you playing in UK. I love driving over the pennines (mountains (hills)) and listyening to your cracking sets. tip-top young man. long live betalounge

  4. First track ‘s killer track, it’s sound good for the next : ))

  5. Yeah, it kicks ! Well done guys !

  6. great set full of power 😉
    would be nice if you guys could paste in here the playlist!!!
    cheers and keep on rocking.
    and thanks for the latin tunes finalizing it, there is where definitly the whole power comes from.

  7. well done guys, this set rocks!!!
    keep it up.
    greetings and put it on me…

  8. lovely thing.

  9. does anyone know the name of the track coming in at around 27:20…?
    awesome mix…!

  10. Hi friends, i`m happy that you enjoy this mix, we too !!, so i try to make a playlist or find the name of our lovely tracks …
    first track is ; Eyerer and Chopstick – Haunting ( Gui boratto remix )
    i`m searching for more …
    chelo scotti

  11. for manele victor. the track of minute 27:20 ;
    Claude Vonstroke – whos afraid of Detroit
    grüße chelo

  12. Chelo. Como siempre..increible sesion.
    A ver cuando te tenemos por aqui.
    Abrazos desde Espania!

  13. Cool minimal house selection! a PLAY-LIST would be highly appreciated. you guys rock! jazzrom

  14. Really nice Set, just love these Sounds. Somebody could id the Track around 200:00 min?

  15. dank an cheloco für den tracknamen! super set…hot shit sozusagen!

  16. to crock.
    track at 2:00:00 min is:
    _berlin has no cows_ by serafin,
    montain people 002.

  17. is there a track id available for 1:37 h… Seems to me like the sewwtest sound I’ve heard in a long time…. Reminds me a bit of Ripperton – a skilift upstairs.. but just a little..


  18. hi there,
    thank you betalounge and thank you everyone for your comments and support!
    and never listen to what a drunk colombian dj has to say 😉


    1:08:01 art 3
    1:12:56 aesthetic audio 01
    1:18:30 kindisch 02
    1:23:45 karloff 15
    1:28:40 combination 051
    1:32:30 deepvibes 01
    1:36:47 simple 22
    1:41:40 windin road 012
    1:48:00 gus aus 0603
    1:53:20 frankie 17
    1:58:00 mountain people 02
    2:02:55 real soon 09
    2:07:00 real soon 011
    2:14:50 for disco only 430u
    2:19:25 rythmetic 07

    3:22:28 dmpt 1 white label
    3:26:30 planet e 65285
    3:30:55 freshfish 03
    3:36:35 moonharbour 028
    3:41:00 freude am tanzen 031
    3:44:30 get physical 57
    3:49:17 freerange 083
    3:53:52 kindisch 03
    3:59:40 tonkind 04
    4:02:49 freshfish 04
    4:09:30 salsade aqui y alla
    4:56:20 drunk colombian dj


  19. Hairy1 all ovah dat…trippin’ at Kentucky Derby dis weekend…dis b good recovery…mo BetaLounge UPS!

  20. lo escuche tarde pero muy bueno

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