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  1. That’s HOT – Paris Hilton said! I’ll repeat – That’s fucking deep hot.

  2. Brilliant sounds emotional moments which only mr karsten can deliver to the big audience of Hamburg elecronic scene. Viele Danke ! ! !

  3. One of the better sets I’ve heard come out of hamburg. Cheers.

  4. hamburg…right?

  5. Any one know the tune at 30 mins?

  6. yes… it is sebo k feat. prosumer – moved…

  7. …cool music comes in…god mood get its way!… muito bom!

  8. This is a solid set, quite uptempo for betalounge… think lively saturday night in, or if you’re at work, music to work to deadlines by….

  9. Hey Dudes, Can anyone tell me the track @ about 45min onwards, minimal- dubbded-out with wobbly bass, you will kow the one; awsome, just like Lawrence’s mix!!! Check!

  10. Wow, another great set. Thank you betaloung and lawrence. Does anyone know the second track starting at 7 minutes and the track starting at 1h23 minutes? 🙂 I gotta have those!!! It would be nice if someone could help! Keep up that perfect work ps

  11. Dope set reminds me of some of the old hardkiss sets….Probably one of the best this year so far…..Beta lounge true home of future music keep it up guys!

  12. Each and every time they come to tear the house apart. Another gem added in the Betalounge collection – a set definitely to remember thank you a million times Peter…>>Hamburg Kapital

  13. the track starting at minute 7 is: Theo Parrish – Heal yourself and move

  14. at 1h23 is Andy Stott – Long Drive (Replace EP) Modern Love 012

  15. I heard Alton Miller play the same track at 1hr22, also @ Betalounge. Now I hear it again.. with vocals. This is what I call deeep. Ask yourself the question: How deeep can I go? Thanks Lawrence!

  16. Hey thank you guys 🙂 yet another reason to hunt down first floor, what seems to be impossible btw 🙂

  17. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SHIT! does anyone know the track starting at 1:31 ? thanx.

  18. Da noise, da funk, da chillin’ be sooooo fine on dis set…bettah double up mah order fo sheesh, put a coupla tall boys on ice, git ready fo’ da blissin’, get mah girl ‘n start wit da kissin’…betalounge be supah-baaaaaaaaad!

  19. yep i been waiting on another lawrence set for some time now, nice to hear. …… now if we can just get carsten jost back on beta, now that would be fresh…that set he did with lawrence in the archives, still blows me away to this day..

  20. @ kaipirinha 1:31 is Ron Trent / Joshua / Abacus / Chez Damier – The Foot Therapy EP

  21. hi folks, incredibly deeeeeep set… can anyone identify the tracks @ min 20 and min 32…? greetz, Toni

  22. @dplay thanx! couldn`t it be possible to get a full playlist for that set from lawrence or someone else? someone who is able to reconstruct the set. would be nice……..

  23. min 20 its another prescription release kurt harmann project prod by ron trent. 32′- mobilee 007 sebo k ft. prosumer

  24. lawrence at betalounge tracklist by minutes: 00- 07 Oratai -timpani waves (theo parrish rmx) 07 – 14 theo parrish – heal yourself and move (sound signature) 14- 18 oasis collaborating (fxhe) 18- 23 ron trent – love, dip & spin (kurt harmann project instrumental/ prescriptiom) 23- 25 ashley beedle – roots revistet (narcotic) 26- 30 laid – ounch up (f. feliciano mix) 30 – 34 sebo k ft. prosumer – changes (mobilee) 34 – 38 dennis ferrer – son of raw (ibadan) 38 – 41 mountain people (play mole people) 41 – 47 kerri chandler – let the wind come (knight streets) 47 – 53 franck roger (real tone) 53 – 57 a made up sound – late drive (philpot) 57 – 1:02 theo parrish – happy children (sound signature) 1:02 – 1:08 efdemin – bergwein (dial) 1:08 – 1:14 lawrence – place to be (liebe detail) 1:14 – 1:19 jesse somfay (achipel 001) 1:19 – 1:23 herve ak – my favourite smile (k2) 1:23 – 1:26 andy stott – long drive (modern love) 1:27 – 1:31 e.r.p. – ep2 (down low) 1:31 – 1:37 Ron Trent, Joshua, Abacus, Chez Damier – The Foot Therapy EP (prescription) 1:37 – 1:42 kenny larkin – nothern light (art of dance/ rush hour) 1:42 – 1:47 john tejada – mono on mono/ plaid remix (palette) 1:47 – 1:52 claro intelecto (ai 001) 1:52 – 1:57 plaid – rakimou (warp) 1:57 – 2:03 ??? 2:03 – 2:07 ?? (new religion) 2:07 – 2:12 dj yellow – goddess (ovum) 2:12 – 2:18 jacek sienkiewcz – secret life (recognition) 2:18 – 2:28 villalobos – hireklon (perlon) 2:28 – 2:34 men from the nile 2:33 – 2:39 femi kuti – traitors of africa /Q’s treacherous beats 2:39 – 2:44 romanthony – the wanderer (cajual) 2:45 – 2:56 the congos – fisherman versions 2:57 – 3:06 rythm & sound – see me yah versions 3:07 – 3:09 sam prekop – on such favors (thrill jockey) 3:10 – 3:12 songs ohia 3:12 – end wechsel garland & world standard – the isle (staubgold)

  25. Thanks!

  26. Thanx a lot!

  27. oh shit. the set just finished. i didnt notice. soothing, quiet and mild mannered… like an erotic massage without the happy ending.

  28. V good Mr Lawrence. Spot on young man. Loving it.

  29. all time top 5 set!

  30. these deep sounds are brilliant!!!!

  31. Wow. Thanks! Best mix to bring me back to the days when House was a feeling. Please more like this Betalounge. livin and lovin it on the lush west coast of B.C. CDA

  32. Just when I thought I could give up on house alltogether, some damn brilliant set like this one brings me back grovelling for forgiveness. Thanks a fricken lot.


  34. Does anybody know the names of the 1st (0:00-7:00) and the 2nd track (7:00-13:30)??? Thanks

  35. to chepyjama – just scroll down to the first post…

  36. The Foot Therapy EP est vraiment un hymne….yes

  37. Wow – after the semi-cheesy stuff in the first 40 min, this set is fcking fabulous!! Vielen Dank!

  38. Was für ein Rießen-Set! DaNkE!!

  39. whoa! 24 hr internet cafe in hong kong, happy and deep sounds of the streets echoing in my ears. bright lights – big city – holding my budhha beads planning my next move as the music moves me. damn i’m a funk freak once again betalounge got me dancing in my seat . !what -what! betalounge why you make me seem like some crazy stranger in a strange land! and shame on you lawrence for not knowing 1:57-2:03 – had me holding my head like a cross-border reality jumper into urban realms of natural silliness amongst those old furtive glances of conditioned coolness. nah, just playin – some mysteries are best left unsloved….just like the taste of duck feet dim sum….

  40. just great!

  41. hey guys. i`ve never heard a brilliant deep – mix like this before. music makes me smile and happy. u feel it too ? thanx to mister lawrence and to the staff of beta lounge. YEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  42. oh my good!!!!!!!!!!! the first part made me bolts popp out!!

  43. uuh, first quality! erste sahne! no word to describe really seems like this goes straight into my lymbic system 🙂 greets from potsdam, germany

  44. I really want to order that record he played before laid – punch up. There is no Ashley Beedle track called roots revisted

  45. hallo ilsa, that ashley beedle track is: ashley beedle pres: roots revolution(the sleaze track) narcotic 1995

  46. boo the link says no clip:( would have loved to chek this out…the pantha du prince set is AMAZING 🙂

  47. there we go! fucking quality music…i love the stuff coming out on dial…. AMAZING 🙂

  48. hello! the track by plaid at 1.52 is ‘ol’, not ‘rakimou’

  49. listening to this set is like coming home from a long trip… defenitely one of my most played betalounge sets… Vielen Dank!

  50. almeyda22: Eines der allerschönsten Set s in der ganzen Beta-Lounge-Collectíon!!! Danke.

  51. Find ich auch!!!

  52. who knows the name of the brilliant music 1:53-1:57? (it is NOT plaid rakimou…)

  53. laid back allright, but by far not my BL-fave, bit too housy…

  54. i tried to record this set countless times,but my connection is to slow,could somebody please upload it to a server, or share it with me on soulseek 🙂

  55. What a set! Keep it up Lawrence.

  56. Seit Jahren… Für dieses Set muss man ihn lieben!

  57. a timeless masterpiece!

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