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Phlegmatic & Soulphiction


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  1. feelin apathetic today.. this set helped.. just in time for my weekly shave down.. long smooth stroked with the razor across my nether regions.. the beats soothe any potential itch… nice and slow, not enough cream.. all good…

  2. brilliant _ mikerism you need to try a Brazilian Wax … lots less chafing

  3. Holy lord! *chillin* this shit r0x!

  4. ultra-cool tracks*some-killer stuff:)

  5. its dub, its tech, sexy , pure love and joy… electrik_life

  6. OOOOO-WEEEE!! This set is oh-so-nice…perfect Sunday afternoon music. Head-noddin’ to that old-skool house track right now – SET IT OFF I SUGGEST Y’ALL!!

  7. Magically delicious… Keep bangin & distortin 1:08:00!

  8. lovely mix, does anyone know title + artist of the song at 01:28; a nice stomping beat and smooth female vocals? Cheers, Patrick

  9. thx a lot for making my sunday as smoothe as it ever could get!!! Finest music, but to say I didn´t expect anything else than this nice set on! Outrageous Music, excellent selection of Dj´s and healthy vibes! Keep up the good work! best regards from winterly germany! betachris

  10. 01.08 min RICK WILHITE – GOOD KISS

  11. the last track is the absolutely: “INCREDIBLE, KILLING, FLASHING – BURNER” Könnt’er glauben! :o)

  12. wow nice set lite it up.. kick back relax and let yourself Go……. act like ya know, new website

  13. does anyone know the track at 1:16:00 ?

  14. nice two hours of music… grab it!!!

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