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Kid Beyond


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  1. what this guy does is just amazing, i’m sad that i didn’t see the show of him because it’s difficult to guess how he does such sounds!
    Got any tourdates of this kid?

  2. only three words


  3. To answer the very first entry on the bottom here:Kid Beyond creates all his tracks himself – amazing ! You can see him explaining it on one video on his homepage.
    I also deeply apprecciate him speaking out politically – these are the people the world needs to heal from this artificial racism, which some greedy religious-warmongers created for the benefit of their own kind. Clearly, Kid evolved Beyond such primitive predatorial frames of mind.

  4. SO FUN!!
    Hey Kid- come see us in New Mexico.

  5. 1 man 1 sound !!!

  6. hey! he dun funny fart noises with his mouth… awesome..

  7. from both front and back bottoms. An absolute genius.

  8. Kid Beyond rocks the house! If you have not seen him yet, CHECK HIM OUT!!! He makes ammazing music and sounds. Come back to Austin, TX

  9. very gut……..very fucking gut

  10. big up..real respect…more..
    you rock the mic. wicked style…

  11. word kool set
    new website

    nuff respect,, SIRE>>>>>

  12. whoa..
    I’m head banging all the way


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