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  1. Great set, really feeling the vibe!!

  2. One of your best ones yet Assoto! Thanks!!

  3. I NEED A PLAYLIST!!!!!!

    Help out a sistah!!

  4. i can help out a sistah.. know what i mean?
    meanwhile this set helped out a brother… chills and spills down my back, satisfaction… mmm mmm… when your solo, sets like these keep the M in Meat and ohhh in Motion.. it aint ever the meat, its always the motion… thanks Assoto.. downtempo to keep the tempo…

  5. This is making my New Year Eve drift into something beautiful. Thank you!

  6. It just keeps getting better.

  7. Anyone have a playlist or know where I could get one. In advance I appreciate all your help. (((great tracks))) Matt – Toronto Canada.

  8. Great set once again fellas. Loving all of it… rain/joy, cyberspace, hoo-ee, ready for love.. shoot, it just goes on an on. Thanks and cheers!

  9. WoW! Track 55:40 HOTT! Hook me up? Nice mix ya’ll!

  10. ok, seriously, what is the ooh-ee song? that track is so mellow, so dope.. I want it for my own. anyone?

  11. Beautiful beautiful set. anyone know any of these tracks????

  12. Decent set but it made me really depressed – all the songs were about being used and taken advantage of…good artists though

  13. Straight dope on wax! Glad to hear this sound is rawking Germany… thanks for the mix.

  14. really enyoing the music, thx very much!

  15. glad to hear you all like the music. appreciation!

    55” – Terri Walker feat. Mos Def ”Guess You Didn’t Love Me” Def Soul UK
    ? – Majic Massey ”Ooh Wee” SRC / Universal

    one love.


  17. does anyone know the track that comes at 1:15? about a girl who gave wrong number to this guy.

  18. @ inisinprague

    ..that’s little brother ‘lovin’ it’ from teir 2nd lp ‘minstrel show’ .. if you like that please check also their fantastic 1st lp ‘the listening’


  19. Gettin’ real nice ya’ll!! great set for sure, thanks assoto

  20. Thanks Djoke! I actually have The Listening and love it. that album is flawLESS

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