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Mr Thing


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  1. Well. Around 2000 i stopped listening to HipHop, except Madlib and the Stonesthrow crew. 🙂

    The mix is full of all the hits i remember from the parties. It makes me remember many things from my youth :). Mixing is great.

    So thanx Mr. Thing and Betalounge!!!


  3. great show! thanks a lot mr. thing! tons of ninetydelic hip hop like tribe called quest, pete rock etc. in a very nice mix.


  4. Mr. Thing! That was a great set. Brings back lots of memories. Is there any way we can talk you into posting a set list?

    Betalounge- nice work once again for bringing Mr. Thing to the soouund-waves of the internet. Thanks for providing all of this great music.

  5. Great Mix, TA for some hip hop niceness 😉

  6. Great set, is this mix from 2003???

  7. my mr thing is in my pants… it comes alive with this set! hip happenin hop and stuff… thanks mr thing.. both of you…

  8. thank you Mr Thing and the Beta Lounge, it’s great to get back to some quality hiphop… I also stopped listening to hiphop around 2000 cos I thought it was all going to crap, so thanks again for bringing back some greats…

    on that note, could anyone possibly name the opening track, and the track with method man in it at about 15 minutes? they are tight beats.

  9. grea mix, thanks mr. thing. can anyone tell me the name of the track that starts at 00:07:00

  10. outstanding set, mr thing, nice chillout late at night. its nice to hear a nice smooth hiphop set, you know how to lay em out


  11. Keep your head ringin’ – This mix lifts up lazy bones of ftheir couches! Thanks so much for energy in the house! MR. Thingaringthingthing!

    cheers – hausmann

  12. Great set!!!!

  13. 00:07:00 is slum village – fall in love.

    classic dilla track.

  14. yabba yabba yummmmmmmmmmmm

  15. I am a deephouse fan and only listen to hiphop when there is a reason. Mr Thing gave me that reason. All the tracks.. hiphop how it was meant to be. Peace!

  16. what track is it where the – blood and fire – sample is – at ca 26 min
    thanks greetings eliot

  17. as the ‘homie’ below said…this is more like it

  18. @eliot66: it’s the nextmen feat dynamite mc, tune entitled ‘blood fire’ out on antidote rec.

  19. Anytime you start a mix with J-Live, you’re in a good spot.

    Great mix.

  20. Please never remove this site! I can’t live without this mix.

  21. hello! what is the song at 24? love this mix! 🙂 Xx

  22. one word : DOPE !!!

  23. not bad, good dj work_ but too many known things, too much classical hop that uses soooo oo many djs. more crates more rare sound more difference I want to listen to.
    our muzic u can listen on_
    peace MHB moment

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