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  1. here you go then seeing as no one has said owt ………. i like this ….! its nice ……. a good mix and blend of styles . good bit of hip hop – nice chilled house grooves half way through . well done contentismissing allstars . a pat on the back from me x

  2. yup.. this is delicious.. like the sweetest sweetest pie.. you know what im sayin? juicy, moist, warm and delicious.. and funky.. like all good pie should be…
    and then i went beserk and started nodding frantically and running around shouting and then writhing on the ground.. excellent work..

  3. This is an awesome mix. Very chill and nice blend of styles. Hip-hop, house, a bit downtempo.

  4. Starting at about 2:30, dare I say this is my favorite Betalounge Mix… I dare.

  5. One word to say Respect !
    love those sensual and sexy rythme , u can hear this mix for partying or chilling , very well done .
    A load of very good downtempo trax …
    so much to say …………………! just hear it and enjoy 🙂


  6. I’m chillin’ – rhymes beats and basslines down tempo – yep! I get any more chilled and my wife will take me to the morgue!!!!

  7. DAMN…what is that at the 13 minute mark…some instrumental that damn near melted me into the ground…NICE set….can we get a track list?

  8. —————————————————————————
    ahhhhwwwww shit!
    blast set. wow wow wow.

  9. straight dope shit. rare you come across tracks this consistant.

  10. Does anyone know where these guys are from?

  11. Hot Damn, that was sweet! I think they’re from Berlin. Check out they’re site from the link above, good sets etc.

  12. The set is totally rockin!

  13. GRANDIOS…..die welt verändert sich wenn ihr nachts durch die regennassen strassen des ruhrpotts fahrt, und aus euren boxen dieser sound ertönt.

  14. th DAMN track at the 13th minute is DABRYE! guy from detroit, makes techno and magnificent hip hop tunes. tracklist is hard work.

  15. anyone know who the hiphop track is by at the 6:15 mark?

  16. anyone able to id the track at 1:03:30. super lidback downtempo, detroitish tune




  17. Is it possible to download shows to iPod?

  18. Yes. It’s called WireTap Pro. You can download it at It’s cheap and it allows you to record any audio coming through your mac to play in ituns or on your ipod.

  19. synthie glytchie into Diggable Planets at 1:26 – brilliant!

    this mix is fun and all over the place, I wanna dance!

  20. is it even legal to download shows? At least I’m eager to know, this is really good music

  21. there is also software called first sound recorder that i have used extensively for PC.
    i have recorded a few BL sets, cause their bandwith is generally high, will suck if its a shitty stream….great if just keeping stuff online or purely digital. i’m not part of the ipod revolution, so not sure how that’d sound. sounds best saved as wav vs mp3, but i do that when i wanna make a cd, which is a real pain, but very worth it if you don’t IPOD, in your car especially. remember, it records off the sound card, so ANY SOUND on your computer during recording will be recorded…


  22. Best recorder is Total Recorder. It records straight from your player therefore ginving the best sound quality on the market.
    Best thing is that it cost only $11.95, a real bargain!

    Check it out at

  23. guys let me remind you
    while you discuss how to record the streams
    that the beta sets that are played here
    are in totally mono
    so if youre a fan of mono music its cool
    but you will never enjoy the real high stereo effects
    that are on the records of the dj
    its not all for free in life
    but its a compromise..though…..

  24. actually it is in stereo!

  25. Is it legal? I don’t know, was it illegal to record the radio onto a cassette player?

  26. 03:30:00 what’s it? japan release..?

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