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K7 Clash System feat. SST & Superdefekt


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  1. There are some great mash-ups on this mix.

  2. Look for the mash-ups towards the end of SST’s set. They start around 72 min. into the mix. Good stuff here.

  3. Does anybody know the track starting around 1h 55 min?? Great piece of music..

  4. could you tell me what a mashup is, not familiar with the term…

  5. i may have already posted this response, but i didn’t see it, so here goes again:

    a mashup is two or more songs, played more or less on top of each other. the more fully each song is played, the more the final product is a mashup and not just a mix.

  6. hope this is not a double posting…
    can recommend 1.20 California soul – great funk trak
    also 2.22 – a foot-tapper with some kwalitee scratchee/Dr. Who noises…

    Don’t you jus love this website

  7. i’ve been a beta-lounge-head for four years now. it’s one of the best sites in the world.

  8. cheers all music lovers, betalounge up and runnings
    greetings from mexico city

  9. Desde Caracas=Venezuela… saludos … y muchas felicitaciones,,,, chekeen buena web en donde colaboro….. y algo de buena musica si hay suerte…. claro no como aca pero poco a poco……. excelente broadcasting el de la gente de betalounge siempre un paso adelante…one step beyon trevor jackie….

  10. greetz from los angeles, peace.

  11. What’s up ladies & gents. What can be said that hasn’t already been said or expressed by words or song? Betalounge has got the resources and the ability to put on some quality shows online and it’s that type of atmosphere that attracts people of like minds. Good to meet you all my bruthas and sistahs

    Saludos desde Canada DATAPUNK!

  12. 98ezy5u,880y9u68ß46.exvu 6ß8x8x jdrj8zijr0igßjk.c0xf k0k0g9xduir9zub0j ?

  13. last comment was from sst from raf s deck. not from raf. but its true. raf

  14. Any chance we can get a track listing?

    Probably too late now I guess.

  15. Oh my god!! fucking great listening pearls!! I hope the set is neverending…



  16. same as it ever was — great as it ever was. seattle up in here up up 206.

  17. ………….Turbo !!!

  18. like always…
    !K7 is one of best prodution these 3/5 years past…
    G from Paris (at night)

  19. Greetings Betaloungers. Biltricks st Albans England. Like the new site. Not heard a mix I like for a while. 12mins in, this one sounds promising. let you know what i think in 4 hrs.

  20. Ok, the first few hours I was pleasantly surprised, Inspired at times even. Second two hours I didn’t much care for.

  21. Awesome sets! Thanks much! Does anyone know the artist at 1:02?? I love that song so much, and have heard it elsewhere too, but have no clue who it is.

  22. at 1:02 it is khan feat. Julee Cruise – Say goodbye (maybe the Losoul remix but I’m not sure) that’s a f****** good track

  23. i’m not a big fan of the sixties

  24. Enjoy all the Musik these Peaple create for you!!! It´s marvelous!!! Everytime again!!!

    greetz from Germany


  25. Does anyone know the very first track that you hear while the DJ is talking? I wish the entire song was played at the beginning!!! If anyone could tell me what it is I would be eternally grateful.


  26. that first track was used by Freeway on his first album. i think it’s stevie wonder or something like that.

  27. hi treyco, the first track is the blackbeard rework of ‘alright’ by freeway and allen anthony.
    it’s no official remix, blackbeard is one of those guys who take accapellas of hip hop and r&b tracks, put em on some nice instrumentals and release those reworks on bootleg 12’s . in this case he took allen anthonys vocals and put a kind of live jam cover version of ronnie foster’s classic ‘mystic brew’ underneath, the result is a killer. his other reworks of tracks like talib kweli’s ‘get by’ or beyonce’s ‘summertime’ are fantatic, too. check ’em out.

  28. does anybody know the track at 1:20:00 ???



  29. Yeah also that song was used by Tribe Called Quest for Electric Relaxation…Ya heard?

  30. Does anybody know the track at 1:41:00? Nice beat!


  31. Thanks heikohamburg for the info on the track. I will look for blackbeard’s tracks online. Any suggestions from you or anyone else on where to find blackbeard’s tracks?

    Thanks again.


  32. cool set! Nice & unorthodox. fx. the undtraditional 60’s-vibe part at the beginning is very refreshing and creates a good atmosphere…Love it…Betalounge fookin’ ROCKS!!!!!!!

  33. Lush, bushy and damp, jes like i like to like it……neighbor thought I was sanding the floor, but when he came in, he ended up digging it…twist fatty, relaxxxxxxx……

  34. here we are almost a year to the day since hairy made his comments about this set and i couldn’t agree more. the lounge keeps me sane…and this set is what decks were made for. well done gents!

  35. One of the best shows on here fer shure.

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