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Maurice Fulton


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Almost no one rocked the Lounge like Maurice Fulton when he paid his tribute to the show in the spring of ’04. Maurice played a great selection of New York disco and boogie classics in pure Loft and Paradise Garage style. Highly recommended.

Maurice Fulton


  1. damn thats some funky shit!

  2. thanks maurice for give US other time the GROOVE !! :)))

  3. God bless Maurice Fulton. Sir, I salute you.

  4. sum fat dope raregroove shit….respect shout to maurice!!

  5. sum fat dope raregroove shit….respect shout to maurice!!

  6. does anyone know the title or name of the first track?… thankyou great mix!

  7. i’m not sure if you mean the very first track that they introduce the show on. but the next one after that is rick james – bustin out

  8. i’m not sure if you mean the very first track that they introduce the show on. but the next one after that is rick james – bustin out

  9. sorry, that’s: touche – wrap it up not rick james

  10. thankyou so much actually, it is the very first (opening) track I would like to find so help is still welcome thanks

  11. vas-y maurice!


  13. I can dig it man. Nice ……yes very nice!

  14. ahhhhh very nice 🙂

  15. first track: i:cube – vacuum jackers (maurice fulton remix) hope this helps 🙂

  16. smooth, eclectic … FULTONISM !!

  17. very dope, thanks mr. fulton !

  18. Thank you for the highest time!

  19. lisen to fust trak mazingly lots sins discuvud this

  20. I am feeling Mr. Fultons grooves!!! goood selections braaaa! I Really appreciate this mix and hope to make love while listening to it….

  21. this is a killer. thank you for that great stuff

  22. so chic!!!!

  23. This mix makes me want to groove. Groove to my heats content. aaah yeeeah. Feel it

  24. My MAN!!!! Now this makes my feet go funky crazy, lots of heaviness to be had here…lovin’ it, babeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Git dis cat back agin!

  25. oh-my-god .. i saw hairy 1 going bezerk to the beats man and he is right.. that is one mad kat who love to get so mad that steam comes from his ears, mouth, feet and anus man! its crazy.. hairy1 just goes so beserk and its all coz of maurice.. moustachio maurice i love your lovin man.. do it to my brain man full time all the time any time man… whoa! good times music makes my buttocks tingle man.. whoa!

  26. SPECTACULAR music.. but I think Maurice has to spend some more time in his basement practicing tightening up those mixes! Keep facilitating the great beats Beta Lounge..

  27. i think if the music choice is out of this world, the mixing need not be impeccable. mr. fulton played stevie… busting out the hotter than july vinyl is key… much respect…

  28. Fulton runs tings for sure. One of the best DJs, I ever came across in a club. Fultonism for sure. Peace.

  29. Heavy heavy mix any track info would be appreciated, I’m on the hunt for all this set, respect Maurice….

  30. awwww yeah!

  31. Great tracks. Anoyone there who knows the last one? Cheers.

  32. 0:00-07:06 not sure but it’s a Fulton production 07:06-12:35 Touche – Wrap it Up 12:35-17:35 Extra – Haven’t Been Funked Enough 17:35-19:55 ? 19:55-25:55 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holdin On 25:55-29:05 Quando Quango – Love Tempo 29:05-33:20 Tata Vega – Get It Up For Love 33:20- 40:05 MSFB – Love is the Message 40:05-45:20 Willie Colon – Set Fire to Me 45:20-51:05 Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray 51:05-59:00 Herbie Hancock – Thought It Was You 59:00-1:05:45 Skyy – Here’s to You 1:05:45-1:12:50 Gwen Guthrie – It Should Have Been You 1:12:50-1:17:30 Jimmy Bo Horne – Is It In? 1:17:30-1:21:30 Boz Scaggs – Lowdown 1:21:30-1:25:20 George Benson – Love x Love 1:25:20-1:30:00 Stevie Wonder – All I Do 1:30:00-1:35:00 Billy Ocean – One of Them Nights 1:35:00-1:39:10 Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman? 1:39:10-1:43:10 Can never remember who this is 1:43:10- Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved 1:48:55-1:54:55 Gewn Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin Goin’ On but the Rent 1:54:55-end another Maurice production

  33. Last one is Ost & Kjex (Cheese & Biscuit) : Eaten Back To Life EP (Maurice Fulton mix)….

  34. 0:00-07:06 not sure but it’s a Fulton production it is…. vaccum jackers – maurice fulton rmx

  35. Ohhhh, great! I want to shake my little kalle if I hear this music…..

  36. Very nice mix.. back in the paradise garage.. Levan style

  37. 1:39:10-1:43:10 Can never remember who this is : Thinking of you … sister sledge

  38. gotta pay my respects to the one & only mr Fulton;,. here’s someone who really knows how to work them 1&2:s!! great inspiring music presented in a, if possible, even more inspiring way. Considering it’s mostly live(real musicans playing, not programed beats)music in the mix, it’s a VERY tight and brave one! Not sure todays house-kids understands that? anyway… More M.Fulton mixes PLEEEASE!?

  39. monsieur fulton oh yeah. yeah yeah his new outfit, with wife, mu is king, too.

  40. check we have a mix from when Maurice played for us, predcatbly its all hot stuff.

  41. the first tune is a maurice fulton remix for i:cube’s vacuum jackers on versatile records

  42. the record missing in the playlist after bob marley ‘could you be loved’ is sisters sledge ‘thinkin of you’. you can find two nice dj mixes from maurice fulton on jigsaw music ( djhistory ( enjoy !

  43. 17:35-19:55 ? i desperately want to get an ID on it any help would be appreciated

  44. Thanks! ….Maurice bfünK!

  45. gg maurice

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