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Soul Rabbi


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  1. I like your mustache.

  2. great 5 hour set. perfect for the workplace.

  3. A kingdom for this playlist…! Great Set! Thanx a lot Mr. Soul Rabbi ­čÖé

  4. beautiful. amazing. relaxing. fantastic!
    a playlist would be so great.. at least from around 1:35.. until.. doesn’t matter.


  5. funky baby***beijo

  6. the world needs more of this DJ’s

    this makes life easier

  7. WOW! I just felt teleported to a Soul- Allnighter in some run down Bingo venue in Blackpool!
    What a perfect 6 hour set. This is for those who like Soul but never get past the gazillion Motown samplers out there.
    There are some real rare gems in here. Maybe a Playlist would just bring tears to our eyes, because of the sheer unavailability of some tracks. So just listen, dance and enjoy the pure northern soul delights in this sparkling set.
    I recently had guests with very mixed musical tastes and I had no idea what to play. So I just launched this mix and after two hours the furniture was pushed aside and people just danced away. Big cheers to Soul Rabbi and the countless, forgotten talents that sang their hearts out in the sixties and seventies who seldomly were able to reap the rewards of their art.
    Along with the wonderful Mixmaster Morris mix this is the most consistent and most satisfying session on betalounge in my book.

  8. who is performing the incredible ‘secret love’ at the beginning (5th min)???

  9. Any chance of getting a playlist for a portion of this long set? There are a few gems in here and I’d like to purcahse them if I only knew the titles, artist and or labels!

    Great job.

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  10. touch my penis and get down brudda.. awesome..

  11. the soul rabbi lights the fires of judaism below the apathetic non-zions of the world. let the beats make you rise up, brothers, and validate David Ben-Gurion’s seminal vision! allow the funk to fortify the knesset!

  12. shalom, barouch atah adonai !
    i never knew i could speak hebrew until the soul rabbi wrapped me up in his magical tallit and put the yarmulkah of funk on my head..
    play this on the shabbas to your oma

  13. sanctify my aura with your almighty rod oh soothsayer of hammurabi homilies! follow the path of the divine DJ of delectable delights as he washes away sin in his red sea of soul!

  14. i love judaism. it breeds huge karks


  16. yeah…groove me, baby…
    rabbi, your hair-do may be strange, but your selection is awesome.

    keep on rocking with the other guys from cologne…



  17. dig brutha. that 1st track is straight outta da church. who is it?
    keep stirrin the soul.

  18. This set is a mitzvah. I’m down with the worldwide zionist conspiracy to bring musical joy to the world.

  19. Super Sunny,

    Trampolines and gin! The boys like this one a lot

  20. p.s.

    go buy gin. and fruit twist fanta.

    it is the drink of the summer.

    in scotland we call it a lil gin fantastic.

    go forth and enjoy. you knows the rabbi speaks the truth

  21. i’ve got a real important question, hope someone got an idea. a real cool motown track is starting around 1:02. i need to know who that is and how that track is named? just tryin’ to get that a long long time so please HELP ME.

    greetings from germany

  22. the tams, hey girl dont bother me

  23. Hi can anyone tell me where to get a hold of more of Rabbi’s mixes online??



  24. Satchmo……. its the powerful voice of the reverend Bill Withers that kicks in around 1:02.
    Thanks for that one Soul Rabbi.

  25. Heiss wie die H├Âlle, direkt f├╝r ├╝sch us K├Âlle…Ole Ole Ole Ole… Dat is der k├Âlsche Soul Rabbi un mir stonn zum FC. (noch nie von ihm geh├Ârt, ehrlich gesagt aber der Mix ist sehr sehr geil!)

  26. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN , This set is so sick I wanted to play this to every OG and be like what ya’ll know about this??? And watch them flash back in time. Soul Rab is on the Money keep doing ya thang. I wish a lot of these youngstas could hear this.
    GURP CITY!!!

  27. arrrgh…..the Soul Rabbi Damn..

  28. This set is killing me!!! Still listening to it after 6 years.
    Keep on grooving Soul Rabbi.

  29. It\’s lovely, sat on my balcony with guests now just about to eat and loving every single minute!

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