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Boozoo Bajou


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  1. Boozoo Bajou a great production team offering up a handful of remixes and just about as many original tracks. However, all phenomenal. With this set they pull back and go for more of a selector style unleashing the likes of John Lee Hooker, Rythm & Sound, Pole, Keith Hudson, and the Meters creating a perfect mellow vibe. They pulse the night away yet elude to the ability to do more. It’s perfect because anyone at home listening over the net (or at school waiting for their students to arrive) is not at a club dancing. the right mood for the right environment. Check out their productions, check them out live.

  2. i think this mix is fantastic.

    especially once it gets going, about 30 minutes in. I can’t stop listening to it!

  3. Check the picture to the left for a set list – this pic was on Boozoo Bajou’s site. Thanks!

  4. thanks for the setlist. nice find brian!

  5. Setting the standard, outstanding downtempo selection covering the entire spectrum. Stand out tracks for me are 7 Hurtz and Tony Joe White, but there isn`t one bad track in the whole mix. 11/10

  6. Great stuff. It ease my working day everyday… Great feeling and sense for sound. Greets from Slovenia to everybody. Peace!

  7. beautiful selection. one of the best mellow downtmepo sets I have heard.
    I had never heard of boozoo bajou and will definitely check them out some more…

  8. excellent….

  9. The Boozoo’s are definitely the shit! Just caught their set at the Coachella music festival, While the Pixies reunited, all the true rockers were in the tent with boozoo bajou sharing the amazing vibes

  10. What a magnificent downtempo mix
    Dublike and so very very smooth
    I always liked the music of boozoo bajou and richard dorfmeister
    they both make brilliant sounds

  11. …music can hold you, music can keep you safe from harm …
    is the thing you do to get you through … 1:16

    Thank you for this set!

  12. Wussup from Philadelphia, USA. Excellent, ecclectic but perfectly seamed set of music. One of my favorite in the entire archive. I love this website.

  13. i had a stiffy for the entire set… it was worth it.. but i enjoyed it so much.. then i jizzed on myself…

  14. pure chill, pure mellow goodness

  15. what a great mix! anyone know of any boozoo cd’s out on the market? Love to own a copy of one.

  16. To Bud_Luster: That was a hot day at Coachella and I had hardly seen a person dancing untill I hit the Boozoo Bajou show. Good looking crowd at that show.

    To Mikerism: You’re one sik kid.

  17. Scorpio79er—Peep the Link in the upper right of the page. Boozoo has a site.

  18. harrisj5 : aint no lie, that was a damn hot day, musically and temp wise. I kinda liked the fact that only those in the know were getting down in that tent. More exposure for the boozoo’s woulda been nice, but that right there was the nicest vibe of the whole festival weekend. Plenty of room to dance, and booozoo bajou seemed to be having fun – I’ll be there again this year -PEACE!

  19. O, sweet dubby goodness! I consistently return!

  20. hi everybody

    I think that you can help me, I want to know who is the singer that sing at 1 hour 2 minuts

    Btw: Thank you for this great set

  21. Hey Pacha!

    I think you mean the song by Micatone. The singer of Micatone is called Lisa Bassenge. See tracklist at your left. More info on


  22. thx a lot

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