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Jesper Dahlbäck


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  1. This show appeals to me. Unlike some others it is quite tangible and you can become easily absorbed in some subtle changes and mixing.

  2. You know, if JD had never done that first Stockholm mix sessions on turbo I would probably be all over this mix, but I have been waiting and hoping for a mix from him that could compare to that release and I have always been disappointed- Sorry Jesper )o:

  3. A decent ‘later in the evening set’. Some good downtempo beats with some house mixed in for good measure.

  4. Yo Security, I echo your setiments mate!!Stockholm Sessions 1 defined a time and space for house music in the late 90’s early 2000’s, not to mention being the official soundtrak of ko pgan ngan 2000. An amazing, thoughtful mix that has still yet to be replicated in the house scene. love the Stockholm Sessions long time:)

  5. After re-listening to the set for the 10th time now, my belief is the set does not truly pick up until the 55th minute. Maybe its the house fiend in me. starts slowly but leaves soaring. Would love to hear Jesper play on the betalounge agains. Peace from westcoast canada

  6. forget what some of the others are saying here… this set is glistening with electronic honey.

  7. It was a great show to look forward on the next betalounge sessions! =)
    Does anyone know from whom the first and the last song is ?


  8. I mean: It was a great show!

    And that it kept me looking forward on future Betalounge sessions, since it was last show before the 3 months summerbreak.


  9. the track that starts around 59 min is svek sunday brunch , awsome track and hard to find

  10. this set is dope

    whats the breaks track that starts at 50 min?

  11. yeah, this set is just fine. Stockholm Sessions? No. But still this is a great set, and Mr. D is the man.

  12. sixa221: thanks! 🙂

    There are a few tracks of Sunday Brunch played in the set.: When it all comes to this(2nd track), No Resistance(min.55), Honung(min.61:30), Humla(min. somwhere) , Midnight Walk (min.28)

    does anyonw know some other tracks – escpacially the last one? 🙂


  13. no thank you greb i thought that 2nd track was sunday brunch that shit is wicked
    peace from sixa

  14. What is Sunday Brunch, is that a takeoff of Svek?Can it be bought in record shops outside of Stockholm or what? I agree…Mr D is indeed the man..any chance of ever coming out to Vancouver??

  15. you should be able to find it it is s. Ahrenberg and jesper its hard to find i oder threw a distributor in new york good luck try e bay

  16. This is one of my favourite sets on your site…just can’t get bored of it. What is the tune that comes in after 1.35mins – ‘When It All Comes To This’ – been asking for it everywhere but cannot get it in London (maybe not hunting hard enough..) – does anyone know? I need full title/label. Thanx
    Carry on the good work BetaLounge…

  17. I have just taken the time out to read the other comments – i see i’m not the only one who likes that tune…so is it available in the UK or online?

  18. hello everybody! glad you enjoyed the mix…

  19. A little update on the playlist:

    The last track: Sunday Brunch – Sable Chaud (My world EP on Svek),
    And another two tracks are from Fleur – Domingo EP (Svek)

    I hope to hear from you soon Jesper 🙂

    Greetings from Graz, GreB

  20. this mix rips it..all that can b said
    .any1 kno the track comes in round 9 30

  21. great set! ive been obsessed w/ this set since hearing it for the first time thru a friend of mine early this summer, right up my alley…

  22. To NinjaKarm :

    The track your asking for (allready given by greb) is Sunday Brunch title: when it all come to this label: Svek
    You can find this record on the excellent french online record shop : (the title is still available)

  23. Cheers for the info 😉

  24. another comment:

    jesper from svek is deep and intelligent musik.
    have some records from svek … from 1997

  25. loving this mix more and more…any more to come Jesper???

  26. jugges in the house

  27. You Know…I love this DJ, his Stollkholm Mix Sessions on Turbo was a highlight of the decade, but I guess its tough to go up from there. I was so hopeful for this set, but kinda disappointed )o:
    Try Again?

  28. yo agree with the comment that SS Vol 1 was indeed epic…House is a Feeling and that mix provides the feeling. More Jesper…..please

  29. You know I’ve listened this set few years ago, I was looking foward to hearing it again and I’m so happy to find it… It’s great, I love it!!! Thanks to Jesper and thanks to Betta Lounge!!!

  30. just getting out of jail 7 months down all i could think of the whole time was this set any body heard any new track i must have peace sixa

  31. oh yeah.. this one was comfortable like my underwear and as familiar as removing them slowly.. its the kinda groove that this set is all about.. slow, sensual, underwear removal…

  32. The Stockholm-set that is talked about amongst the comments; is it avaliable somewhere? anybody know?


  33. The Stockholm Sessions were put out in the US by Turbo, but they seem to be out of print now..

    You can probably find them on Amazon or one of the other big online used CD sites without too much trouble.

  34. does anyone know the track that comes in around 9:30 min.? it is *SO* delicious!! i think it’s the 3rd track..

  35. the third is track is from Sunday Brunch – My world on the Label Svek (on the same record are two more tracks that are played in this set. it’s an absolute must buy in my opinion)

    I think if you get some records of the label Svek than you can play the whole set. 🙂

  36. this set is fresh!

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