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Chillaforce Sound


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  1. Hey Chillaforce goes HARD!!!

  2. yeah, I like it too

  3. This set fkin rocks!! I listen to it at least twice a week – top stuff!!

  4. Hella good shit here. I want the next mix tape. HOLLA!

  5. great set. who does the very first song with the jerry butler ‘never gonna give you up’ sample?

  6. Puttin’ mustahd awnit…da sheeeeeeeeyat bb!

  7. OOOOOOOOOOONE of the best sets i have ewer heard on wonderfulllllllll BETALOUNG!

    If you like soul rap and rnb ………this is the set for you
    I am a tru fan of betalounge ……and this is my favorit that i found from no were……..

    If sombody now a simular set whit thids kind of class os nice music please let us know


  8. Autumn was always my favourite season. The sensation of crunchy leaves pressing against the bottom of your sneakers, the chill of a swift breeze against an exposed neck, and the quick realization that daylight has become a precious commodity makes you very aware that life itself lacks permenancy, that change is constant, and like it or not, you will have to make adjustments. Certain creatures strive with this realization – young women seem to redefine themselves from summer sexpots to fall flirts, and with every passing knee-high boot and flowy scarf I find myself embracing the very nature of change – the ability stay fluid, playing it cool when i have to, to be rugged when necessary and smooth it out when the mood dictates it…. very much like this mix.

  9. 1’Song preformed by

    Artist: Diamond D
    Album: Hatred, Passion & Infidelity
    Song: Never
    Release Date: 8/26/1997

    Thanx 4 comments…

    Grettings from Robbie – Chillaforce aka Killaforce

  10. I love this mix. I recently came back to listen to it but I think it might have been corrupted over ages or something. As soon as it gets to \”Hey guys I got some grass!\” at the beginning after the opening announcements, it starts to sound like it\’s on fast forward or as if parts of it are playing backwards or skipping or something. See if you heard the same thing I\’m hearing. This is my favourite mix of all time going back at least six years or something now. I hope I can hear it again. I\’m playing it in VLC because my real media installs aren\’t working.

  11. Great mix here ,wow peep the Vibes,

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