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Cranque & Harre


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  1. Okay, here we have a pretty cool set. Mostly trax I never heard B4, which is great!

    Whoever is first- i guess that would be Cranque, I happen to like better- smooth esoteric house trax, very happy & dreamy, appeals to my piscean side.

    Whoever is 2nd, be that Harre, is bouncier/teckier, but nice beatz, I guess more suited to my aquarian side.

    All in all I recommend šŸ™‚

  2. Great set! Check it out…

  3. yeah well .. im herpes over aquarius ascending and it didnt do too much for me.. harre does a heaps better set later in the piece.. sorry.. just didnt blow me away like i know these guys can blow me..

  4. i think it is a great set =)

  5. very dope set, keep them coming BL

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