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Beta Lounge Soundsystem [turnvadder, nico palermo]


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  1. Soulfull grooves set a mood and attitude perfect for cocktails, some light and sexy dancing, and kicking back on the loveseat with your ladyfriend. The deep beginning and funky progression lead this to remain one of my favorite betalounge sets.

  2. Definitely one of the best shows that was put on Beta lounge.

    I listen to almost every shows, but i can’t resist coming back to this one..!

  3. smooth and soulful beginning….. creamy delicious

  4. smooth like when i shave it all off and get the oil out and slip and slide like there aint no tomorrow.. grooovy…

  5. This set is what the SF Beta Lounge crew is all about… soulful, funky, smooth, and the best track selection. What can I say…. you guys rock.

  6. OMG! Ok, so I just realized that Desniles is Nico Palermo, so did a search for all of his sets and this is one of the gems I found. Wow.

    I loved that Desniles set for like the last 7 years and wondered why there was a shout out to him on the set as a resident and then he never showed up again!!? Well, glad I figured it out cause it’s so good!

    So, Nico, what other sets are you on listed as The Betaloung Sound System…is that always you and Tunvadder??


  7. yo guys,,,

    what is the song title that comes in around 15 minutes that features q-tip???
    if somebody knows the title, please let me know.

    here is my email address.

  8. Awsome selection, what\’s the track around 2.57…thanks betalounge…

  9. hi jean,
    find it here:

    cheers nico palermo

  10. saucool, geht runter wie warme butter !

  11. Thanks a lot Nico….

  12. Stimme hier voll und ganz zu, super Selection von Anfang bis Ende und super Mixing, hab es gestern beim Pokern am Stück genoßen und große Schwierigkeiten gehabt, die Karten richtig zu spielen. Werde es mir gleich nochmal reinziehen, passend für den Feierabend und die Feierabende.

    Ist schon irgendwie unglaublich wieviel gute Musik es hier gibt und hoffentlich noch lange geben wird.

    Ganz großes KOMPLIMENT und DANKESCHÖN für unzählige Ohrgasmen!

  13. Still one of the best show since 15 years. Awesome selection, Really Nice !!!!

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