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  1. An extremely nice slowtempo hip-hop and R&B set here, wonderful! Turn down the lights…

  2. Looking for a track ID – I can’t find info on this song anywhere!



  3. slow burning grooves that are just so funky its like when im doing dirty stuff with my missus real slow and grinding and shit.. awesome..

  4. Finally found that track. For the curious, it’s:

    Schoolz of Thought – These Things You Say (D-Smooth’s Reprise featuring 88 Keys)

  5. Def a great mix. I discovered it long ago and am still gettin’ down to it šŸ™‚ If anyone knows of other shows that are like this, holla atcha girl!

  6. WOW 5 out of 5 Press play and sit back lite it up or Mix you Drinks
    a very mellow and funky set i liked it .
    DR TiPSY the Beat GOOroo
    Check ..check it

  7. bomen 12, i dont know if you have listened to the 3 hour soul rabbi set that is archived ad and was only on Feburary, outstanding funk mixtures

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