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Carsten Jost and Lawrence [Dial Records]


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Dial Records

Carsten Jost



  1. am i the first one on the redesigned site? Carsten jost and Lawrence take you on a trippy journey of repetitive, but definitely not boring, beats….grab a bunch of people, various substances and tune in….this one’s to be heard by many! DoMoreK

  2. repetitive aight =)

  3. One of my favourite sets in the entire archive!! Repetetive? Maybe.. Quality? Definately!! Great music that moves your soul and mind

  4. repetitive? hello, it’s techno! this is one of my favorite minimal sets ever.

  5. One of my favorite sets of all time. Always a smooth flow, great sounds, great feelings.

  6. absolutely gorgeous. I love this Dial stuff. One of my favorite labels at the moment. This and the Lawrence live set are definitely two of my favorites.

  7. This has got to be one of my favorites! A little dark and eerie…just how I like it! Sit back and enjoy.

  8. PLEASE GET THESE GUY BACK ON HERE TO DO ANOTHER MIX! Deep and Hypnotic, very very nice tracks. This is one of those mixes you can listen to over and over and over, and it take you on a journey everytime. I just am thankful there are guys out there pushing the sound like this, with a deeper meaningful feel.

  9. dubprocess is right. Bring these guys back for more! Besides the Lawrence Live set, what others do you find compare well to this one?

  10. if you like this i would recommend luciano, dixon, jazzanova, zoran zupanic/soulphiction, m. mayer, zip/sammy dee…. theres plenty of class minimal house on this site. personally i prefer the lawrence live set to this dj set, c.josts mixing wasnt as tight as i’d hoped for but its a lovely listen all the same….

  11. Just echoing what everyone else has said here, but … this is an *excellent* set. Ever so slightly dark, moody, emotional; excellent work from Carsten and Lawrence! Dial Records has quickly become one of my favourite labels; the 2 Lawrence CDs are fantastic, and the recent Pantha Du Prince CD is great too. Needless to say, check out the live Lawrence set on this website if you haven’t already done so. It’s incredible! Cheers!

  12. my favorite set on the site….actually, one of my favorite sets of all time. beautiful stuff, never gets old. just amazing selections from these guys. bring them back for another set already! the Lawrence live set is also class!

  13. I just listened to the set for, at least, the tenth time and it gets even better. Rarely beautiful stuff!!

  14. hi everybody…. wow this is such an amazing set, i love it!!! can please anybody tell me what is that song around 1h42min, this one with the vocals. please please help me, i would die for this song … go on betalounge cheers

  15. simply nice and positive music. thanks for having made my day!

  16. noch was vergessen: MEHR DAVON!!!

  17. No kidding… around 1 hr 42 minute vocal track is amazing!! I have heard this elsewere and it’s driving me crazy cause I can’t remember the name of it!! i will search on and post when I find it. BTW this whole mix is one of the best I’ve ever heard- Tom Sarago Cleveland, OH. USA

  18. The song is by DNTL featuring Death Cab for Cutie’s singer doing vocals. Track name is (this is) the dream of. Works perfectly into the mix…

  19. @ tjs6025….remixed by superpitcher (KOMPAKT, Cologne) greetings jani

  20. ah thanks jante… good!

  21. hi there, i’m 35 years old, back from the old school from the 90′. I was always seeking extreme house tracks, not commercials from Zurich scene 10 years ago…then all techno brought me out of the scene…and today…WOW..THIS SET…THIS INCREDIBLE SET…..something is changing…somebody is doing music again!!! Thanks guys for taking me back to greatest sound!!! need more like that…i need moreeeee….:-)) keep on doing

  22. hi kikki70 i have the same age as you and i am also from zurich. when i read your comment and think about it …. i must say you’re right. for me it’s exactly like this … yes.. give us more … and many thanks to the people who posted the name of the track around 1.42 …..

  23. vocal track.. is to find on a compilation: kompakt cd 021 – triple r – friends

  24. hey fabin, nice to hear about somebody remembering nice house scene in Zurich. U talk about the vocal track, but, sry i dont know extacly wich one do u mean, at wich time in the rm files? it’s about 3 days i’m just listening all the time that set!!!….:-)))) again,and again,again,agian…;-)

  25. hey kikki70 read the earlier posts here, i was looking for a track around 1hr 42min, there starts a track with vocals (normally i don’t like much vocals) and this track is amazing. i also like the whole set :-)) where were you hanging around 10 years ago ???

  26. Fabim, simple: nowhere!Just some bars, and listen to music at home. I’m in Lugano since 4 years now, and the scene is very painfull…;-) cya next

  27. Fabim, sorry, i didnt understand. 10 years ago?…well…Gaswerk Schlieren (first underground parties), Studio Urdorf, Roxy , Limmatbar, Kaufleuten (remembering last party with Djaming!), ..and many others private underground parties. There was a dj inviting us (Viola) in many great private parties…..:)

  28. Guys, question: any idea about the complete playlist of this set? thx in advance

  29. Hi. If anyone could help with songs on 50:00 and 120:00 (this one was rather known)… Guys, show some mercy , give us a playlist ;>

  30. dope! best set on Beta Lounge…

  31. some tracks: 00:28:00 Mathew Jonson – Freedom Engine 01:02:30 Process – Pelican (Oliver Hacke Mix) 01:30:40 Sami Koivikko – Polemik

  32. What can I say…..I was havin it to this set!! Unbelievable tune by DNTEL (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix) around the 1h 40 min mark. Could listen to it over and over again. Cheers, betalounge

  33. 00:13:00 Geoff White – Vibrant Reflections

  34. FABIN – the track you’re looking for is by dntel. i think a version of the same track is also on the POSTAL SERVICE record, which is easy to find. good luck. and again, amazing set.

  35. This is an absolutely beautiful set. Shame there’s no playlist as some of these tracks blow me away. Listen to this mix wrapped in a duvet while it’s raining outside. A whole three hours of immense aural pleasure. I love it!

  36. Hey, a totally amazing set!! One of my favourites ever. Does anyone know the second last track from 2:49-2:52?

  37. Anyone know the track just before the 1:00? The one before Process.

  38. Also looking for the song around 1:09. After Process

  39. Mind blowingly good…the track choices and mix are SOLID! Much respect…

  40. I’ve just got to know what the track after Superpitchers remix of Lawrence is. It’s around 1.53. One of the greatest tracks in this set ,wich is one of my alltime favourites. Not only from betalounge. Still waiting for a new set by these two..

  41. wonderful. timeless

  42. 4 years old. still rockin’. Good stuff!

  43. one2ku: before process is Oliver Hacke – Panorama

  44. here are some tracks i’ve recognized: 01. 00:00:01 XXX 02. 00:02:50 XXX 03. 00:06:40 Efdemin – Technicolor 04. 00:13:00 Geoff White – Vibrant Reflections 05. 00:19:15 XXX 06. 00:24:45 XXX 07. 00:28:00 Mathew Jonson – Freedom Engine 08. 00:35:00 XXX 09. 00:39:30 Benjamin Brunn – Heim 10. 00:45:30 XXX 11. 00:51:30 Junkie Sartre – Throb 12. 00:57:30 Oliver Hacke – Panorama 13. 01:02:30 Process – Pelican (Oliver Hacke Mix) 14. 01:08:15 XXX 15. 01:13:30 Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself And Move 16. 01:20:00 XXX 17. 01:25:30 XXX 18. 01:30:40 Sami Koivikko – Polemik 19. 01:36:00 Sten – Asami 20. 01:41:30 Dntel – (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix) 21. 01:47:20 Carsten Jost – Krokus (Superpitcher Remix) 22. 01:52:55 XXX 23. 01:57:40 XXX 24. 02:02:10 XXX 25. 02:06:30 XXX 26. 02:11:00 Sten – Part Three 27. 02:17:55 XXX 28. 02:23:05 XXX 29. 02:27:20 XXX 30. 02:32:50 XXX 31. 02:41:50 XXX 32. 02:41:50 XXX 33. 02:45:50 Jake Fairley – Cold World (Original Mix) 34. 02:51:50 Schaeben and Voss – The World is Crazy 35. 02:56:50 Villalobos – What You Say Is More Than I Can Say

  45. 05. 00:19:15 Audision – Press Play

  46. I’m listening to this set right now on, my first post about this set was an 25 jan 2005, it’s about 2 years later, and the set was done in 2002!! Still amazing!! …just drive me crazy!

  47. 01:20:00 Lowtec – Mitre Peak

  48. Thanks Filq!!!

  49. filq – i think this is the wrong track name “03. 00:06:40 Efdemin – Technicolor”.

  50. GR8 set! Do you guys have some linx with minimal sets? Share them to others

  51. I’m having a great experience with this music. =! Dial is always out-stand-ing-mu-sic. =)

  52. WOW ! 5 years but sounds better then before. Amazing trip to the best minimal nooks ! Absolute must.

  53. manno – I need a trackinfo!!! 00:35 ??? please tell me, thx

  54. Anyone know the track at 49 mins??

  55. 00:13:00 – Geoff White – Hopeless Romantic

  56. Such a classic set. There\’s a track right after the Superpitcher remix of Carsten Jost @ 1:50:20 that I\’m dying to find the name of…anyone know?

  57. all right guys! ich war gestern bei einem freund und wir h├Ârten aus langeweile alte Platten von ihm an. Der Track at 00:35:00 ist von John Tejada & Arian Leviste – a present of presence / Erschienen auf Palette Recordings 011 save the soul…

  58. 2:18 is Los Hermanos. Track name should be \”Birth of 3000\”.

  59. 1:57:40 Kotai – Sucker DJ (Highfish Remix)

  60. one of the few mixes i never get tired of: i simply love it!

  61. I second that llucas, one of the best ever.

  62. I\’m having another wonderful experience with this out-stan-ding-music

  63. Reminds me on the great Changing Weather nights with Carsten Jost, Lawrence and Bonnie at the Pudel.

  64. 2015 and still as sublime as ever. And the good news is Lawrence’s star is shining brighter than before. Facebook page, more touring and whatnot.

    For readers of this comment, do two things:

    1. Seek out Lawrence’s
    Lowlights From The Past And Future compilation album. Is a Japan only version that has some of the most magnificent tracks I’ve ever heard.

    2. Have a listen to Traumprinz. If you heard him already, the hype is real. If not, check this set out: Music hasn’t felt this good since, well since, I first listened to this Carsten Jost and Lawrence set.


  65. 2018 and still loving! timeless beauty <3

  66. I commented on this set 15 years ago and it still feels timeless — great, great set!! Thank you, Lawrence and Carsten for putting this together and please crank out another set like this soon again…

  67. Almost 20 years later and I’m still listening to this set again and again.

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