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  1. absolutely killer mix, highly reccommended!

  2. Did this link move? RealAudio couldn’t find it (error message)… I really want to listen to it, though! 🙂

  3. I agree! I would love to repeat that this is a killer mix and add that I wish to listen to it pronto; unfortunately, I, too, am having a little trouble with the audio.

    Shari vari, for now


    P.S. Betalounge is a gift, a life enhancement, if you will. This set is one example of this enhancement.

  4. thanks Brian

  5. Great soulfull thing… Worth of listening on and on. Tasteful selection in great mix…aight.

  6. wicked set cant wait to see them in toronto at the Sunny side Pavillion!

  7. I’ve been listening to this mix since it debuted in Â’02 and here I am listening to it yet again. More than a few of my friends love this fantastic set as well. Great selections, excellent timing and impeccable order. ThatÂ’s Jazzanova, babyÂ….

  8. Does anyone know the artist/name of the track that starts at about 16:20 and lasts about 5 minutes. Smooth’n’sexy – I wanna buy it.

  9. I love the jazzanova guys!.. heard them play many times…listened to this set many, many times…LOVE IT! see ya next time in Miami!

  10. this is indeed one of the more special beta sets. there were only maybe 15-20 of us there that night but we were all dancing madly the entire time. I never thought I could dance to such mellow sexy music, but the groove was so deep that it was unavoidable. masters indeed.

  11. wicked awesome set. It seems to get better the more i listen to it.

    when are they planning on playing at sunnyside?

  12. the track that starts at 16:20 is called: colour me bad by brooks; i think it’s a wahoo remix!

  13. i saw jurgen rock it in Austin Last night!!! it was amazing!!!! it was 2:30 am he was still killin it!!!! it was truly inspiring. there’s shows that you just won’t ever forget. this for me, was one of them!!!


    chicken george

  14. What’s the name of the track this set starts with? It’s such a filler!

  15. please tell me there is tracklist for this mix!?


  17. yet another testament to betalounge ruling!

  18. yeahs …thats groovy,….


    peace for everybody

  19. Jazz up your house baby.

  20. Does anybody here know what track that plays at the one hour mark? Much thanks. Jesse

  21. Peacefull…
    the way i like it

  22. Hi everybody

    I would like to know what is the name of the track at 2 hours 14-17 min, its a jazzy freaky housy track with a fat grooving beat.

    Enjoy music


  23. This set rocks my world. Wow. the sound of the future is now!!
    thanks jazzanova

  24. So eclectic yet so smooth. A true groove set by by the always innovative DJ collective. This is the perfect backdrop music for just about anything you want to do.

  25. hotness.. smoothness… thanx!


  26. talkin all that… makes my back sweat… this is cool grooves… feel the sweat pooling at the base of your spine… then let it chill.. thats the way with this.. talkin all that….

  27. jazzanovalounge, un des meilleur mix depuis la creation de betalounge!!! @ ecouter et réecouter sans modération.

  28. jazzanova, like a kiss for the lounge! just a kiss for Ă©lodie…

  29. This is fabulous! Does anyone know how to get a playlist for this set?

  30. c tout simplement JAZZANOVESQUE !!!!! MIG UPE !!!

  31. Gotta love Jazzanova ,
    melodic,soulful,full of groove and wonderful vibes

    They always bring it

  32. Jazzanova dans la place! et des français aussi pour une fois…

  33. I´ve heard this mix by several years …and I keep loving it. Jazzanova rules.

  34. I am also listening to this set for several years now and it\’s still a wonderful set with a perfect flow!

    Thanks Alex & Jürgen! 🙂

    Does anyone know the track after \”Dwele – A.N.G.E.L\” at 1:46:40 ? I keep getting back to this fantastic track…

    Peace from Graz,

  35. Sweet love it

  36. I have been listening to this set ever since I found Beta Lounge back in 2004. Love, love, love this set!!! Wish I could access it on my iPhone.

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