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Tim Love” Lee”


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  1. Well, Tim Love Lee has produced some great tracks and since he helped bring Groove Armada into the mainstream I gotta respect him. But his mixing style is weak as fuck. He doesn’t sound like he can beat match for shit. But for some reason, he’s on this great website. He’s definitely a big name in the downtempo and experimental 70’s electronica realm but he needs to work on his mixing skillz. There are definitely a few gems in the mix, wish there was a song list somewhere. Thanks Tim for producing Groove Armada, stay at the house parties.

    • today (more than ten years after) i would say what most matters is selection. mixing skills are just what a machine can do. considering most dj equipment today features sync functions…anyone can mix! and that’s good news since everyone’s a dj

      greetings from santiago

  2. Hi there! I’m surely not a pro in mixing, but this show is so GROOVY to me, that it actualy doesn’t matter; I can assure you it makes me move!
    Good on you Tim, very nice one!!

  3. I appreciate he had a couple of bad mixes, and one was blatent. but he kicks ass with his tunes. They just get better! He can mix. Concentrate young Timothy.

  4. hello! how are you?
    ok good thanks
    this music made me feel some love and made me not notice that i was slowly touchin myself in time with the beat while looking skywards…
    all good…

  5. tim is the man with the master palm! to all the critics: just read mr.scruff’s liner notes on his solid steel release and u ll know what djing/mxing is about. tim u sound like a field of flowers… + your mix sounds as good in 2005. funk is its own reward

  6. Not sure if anyone even checks this board anymore…but I\’m looking for a track ID…when I heard it in 2002 I was floored and in 2010 It\’s still as good. It comes in around 9:05…thought you were the one for me… please help 🙂

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