This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Hamburg-City sessions with Constantin v. Groll


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  1. pretty solid mix of house a dash of disco thrown in. some obscure trax with some extra details even out some of the oh so, so, so tired trax.

    FYI sound really drops about 1/3 in volume around 1:33:30

  2. Hi there,

    This is truly a great set! Really dig it – as i’m looking for the name of the track
    which start around 43 minutes.



  3. Hi Mic9,
    wow, didn’t expect anybody still checkin out this old set and even leaving nice comments – thanks a lot Michael ( and thx to Niels for pointing it out to me ).
    the track your looking for is a vintage remix by the Idjut Boys and was the very first release on Oblong ( 1996 i think ). find more info here:

    you can also search the archives for more recent mixes by me or check my own radioshow: tons of mixes and playlists in the archives
    alright, enough with that shameless self-promotion
    take care

  4. Anyone knows about the track which starts after the 26 minutes, please let me know. Always good to dig in old excellent show… Cheers

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