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Hamburg-City sessions with DJ SST


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  1. does anyone know the track at about 08:30? -kicks ass…

  2. i don’t know either…

  3. …one of the best yet. I’ve been listening to this set for 2 years now. -Los

  4. Dj Fitchie & Joe Dukie – Midnight Marauders

  5. i am really desperate to know the very first track stefan bitte…….dich.
    danke. teddy
    stefan du haust uns alle vollekant weg
    u blow our mind
    big hug

  6. the first track is maybe maybe tangerine dream not compl sure about

  7. @psyreactor: if you mean the loveley ambient instrumental which plays while we announce dj sst : it’s ’14:31′ by global communication taken from their fantastic album ’76:14′. it came out in 1994 and should be available somewhere on the web. the track stefan started with is ‘midnight marauders’ by joe dukie & dj fitchie. thanks for listening, h.

  8. thanxxxxx . feel happy now, cause this track really mean a lot to me,

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