This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Recloose live @ the Tanzhalle


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  1. does anyone know the next show he’s gonna bomb? this set is the kiLLer. I will go to demf this year. hope to see him there.

  2. i do beleive this is a pretty badd set! Bad meaning good baby!!!!

  3. damn right the bomb, coming back again and again just for it, specially that soulful track 49th minute, anyone knows who’s that?

  4. no idea what that track is, but yeah, that track is nyce…..I really like the theo parrish remix of ‘can’t take it’ . . . .deeeeeep

    for recloose fans, there’s a nice isolee remix of cardiology out at the moment. sweet.

  5. Very delicious…good!!

  6. the track @ 49 mins is Quango – Let Groove Come (Co-Op Mix).

    i believe it’s out on people records.

    hope this helps 🙂

  7. Good stuff. Like it very much. Thank you, especially for the weirdness.

  8. Recloose is rockin some ill sht.

  9. 38 minutes. oh my god, what is that? any help appreciated. gracias

  10. Pretty nice set, a little too disconnected for me though.

    Can anyone id the song at 2hr:09mins with the beeping car horn meloies? Thanks!

  11. properly twisted in places, and has your brain doing mental gymnastics – phaaaaat

  12. For bbar – the track at 38 minutes is by Recloose himself – can’t remember what it’s called but it’s on an EP he did for Planet E a few years back called ‘Spelunking’.

  13. Loving the Recloose mix and if anybody knows that electro disco type of track around 37mins, would love to know what it is?

  14. I’m a dope, someone has just pointed out what that track was on the previos posting, so sorry about that one!

  15. Go ‘head Matt the Recloose! Gwaan with your bad self – good to see this cat not only producing fresh tracks but still rockin’ the tables. Real down-to earth guy. Hope to catch him soon…

    Keep it pumping, Betalounge! BTW the sound quality of your sets is very… welcome. So nice to be able to actually *hear* the music…

  16. Had me all a’twitter…spilled my gin fizz, but met a charming spinster, danced a raggedy raga to this jigsaw puzzle of fonk, spiky noise and groovulation. Dig on it, betameisters!

  17. from bastien:
    finally got it after months of crate digin: Quango (+ Eska) – Let Groove Come (Co-Op Dub Mix)
    such an amazing track!

  18. does anybody know these two tracks between the 29th and 32th ? any help apreciated,thnks

  19. Does anyone know the track Recloose is playing around 17.30 ????

  20. Deeeeep. yup.

    When’s Recloose coming to sf? anyone know?!

  21. quirky and groovy.. like mr whippee takin a dump… i loved this show… it was out there.. and my brain was too.. which is cool you know.. way cool.. like my whippee taking a dump!!

  22. que bueno esto che!

  23. hmmm… this is one lovely mix…
    I played it so many times and it’s still amazingly deep and funky to me 🙂

    Can anyone id the track he is playing at 55 min?


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