This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Hamburg-City sessions with Don Shtone


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  1. i’m a skydiver by trade, and at 2:02:00, i have my soundtrack. amazing set of some crazy, and non-linear, beats. shtone’s style changes as the wind shifts directions.

  2. pleasant and inoffesive.. like a proctologist with warm hands.. smoooth beats, for smoooth rectal work..

  3. beautiful music assemble…i love it!

  4. One of the best homogen sets oute here on
    betalounge…multicolor electronic rhytmic music
    Nice one !

  5. I\’ve been having trouble streaming some of the newer shows lately so I decided to start revisiting some of the old shows. This one is sounding real nice at the start. Letz Go!!!

  6. I really liked this mix. It\’s just over 2 hours of nearly all instrumental cuts with alot of jazz and broken beat influences. Really reminded me of the sound of groups like Unforscene or Bugz in the Attic. Later in the set you get more of a techy type sound that I think many of the electronic musicians from labels such as Dirtybird Records or Get Physical will really enjoy. Top notch selection and mixing from Don Shtone. Highly Recommended.

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