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Hiperboreal + DJ Toro [Nortec Collective]


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  1. Hudo! It means Rockin’ in Slovenian. You can easely find some mistakes in set but with the material they are dealing through set, it’s resonable. Worth to check it out, definetely!

  2. I’m using Final Scratch these days. Is ther any playlist of this set? Thnx.


  4. I also think this might be one of the best sessions on betalounge. For all of you who havent been to a live nortec show its something you must check out!!!

  5. Incredible, unique, the best. Mexican electronic nu wave musicias are doing incredible things, this two (hiperboreal and Dj Toro) are comming from the Nortec Tijuana MEXICO movement, but if you can check Ruisort from Acapulco or the Konfort Collective your ears will never want to hear Jazzanova again! Ha ha ha just kidding! And by the way, Tijuana is Mexico even tho some people call it the third nation. MEXSIDE MEN!

  6. yo, keep it real, mex-side stylee. when i see gringas on the playa it makes my chi-chi go muchos forte! i have a pencil thin moustache and and cigarette stuck to my bottom lip and i like to cruise round in my Explod! pickup looking for honeyz. mex-stylee 4 eva hombres. me gusta pollo.

  7. nortec maaaan.. so cool.. sometimes when i can leave my bedroom i imagine im in my spaceship and nortec are fuckin my ear man.. but often i turn my speakers against the wall coz i know the governemnt is watching me and that they are transisting my moves to a bunker down the street.. nortec are part of the whole configuration of the network of channels that reach out to control your mind.. they have soundwaves that manipluate your brain and they know that you have done drugs in your bedroom and that your parents are agenst and your brother is reporting to the government….

  8. I lived in San Diego for several years and crossed the border a few times a month to check out Nortec sets up and down the Baja coast. I’m a bit Nortec fan, but I’m sorry to say that they have been slacking off for a few years now. Pedro Beas aka Hiperboreal had even closed a club named Don Loope that he had opened on avenida Revoluci√≥n to supposedly focus more on his music. Sorry guys, but the Nortec Collective’s The Tijuana Sessions Volume 2 has long been delayed for some reason. If you’re truly a Nortec fan, check out their label’s website at and ask them why.

  9. Stupid ass comment mike……….dumbass….i know who it is

  10. Some of these people say some stupid shit on their comments

  11. alephone.. they will get you too.. you and your boring comments will suffer the greatest…

  12. This is one of the best betalounge sets, you gottta listen to it…
    Mexican avant garde mix, definetely…
    When are you traveling to Hamburg, ready to make a tour in pro of the electro gemeinschaften?

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