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Future Primitive Sound Radio #13 w/Anticon


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  1. really like this set… had a lot of fun listening to this. wish i was there.. no one seems to have written a comment so just thought i’d drop a word.

  2. ive been listening to this alot. good beats.

  3. heard this show the day after it aired. amazing show =)

  4. Sage is the god.

  5. Shampooed throw rug ruined by Cabernet flung in rage at previous night’s flang, while listening to this veritable rinse-mode of a radio show…digging the amplitude modulation(s)!
    Is there a Korg MS20 beneath the iciing (er, IChing?) Out, damn spot….

  6. Sorry, that one’s already up. I meant to post this one:

  7. cool.. like the coolest person you know, but all of a sudden theyre wearing sunglasses and nodding their head and not saying much.. but you just know their cool.. hip hop iced down and served with a twist…

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