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Vikter Duplaix live from Hamburg


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Vikter Duplaix plays the last of a series of 8 cooperational shows between Levi’s Engineered Jeans and Beta Lounge Germany. Also in this series: DJ Dick, Adam Goldstone, Recloose, Charlie Dark, Alex Attias, Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung (Headset), Don Shtone (Sven Dohse), Modaji & Isolee. Check the – ENGINEERED – link to the right form more images, info etc…


  1. Anyone know what time Vikter’s set starts on this recording?

  2. vikter’s set starts around 2:45…

  3. Does anybody know the track that plays around 12:30 in the beginning????

  4. the track’s entitled ‘amalia’ by as one aka kirk degiorgio taken from his album ’21st century soul’ which came out on ubiquity in 2001.

  5. Thanks! I appreciate it!

  6. I love the set that starts at the 1 hour and 52 min mark very groovy and laid back

  7. Does anyone know the name of the hip hop track that starts at 2:50:43? Other than that….this set is the sh*t

  8. hi kervestyle, the track’s title is’easy type shit’ taken from marley marl’s beat generation album on bbe.

  9. Is that the correct title? also….anuone know what the name of the track before the marley marl track is?

  10. yeah, title is correct, the track before is ‘lay me down’ by which is also a beat generation release on bbe. for further info on both records click following links:

    marley marl:

  11. alright alright.. so get your best underwear.. wash them.. slide them on.. and put this set on.. its a party and everyone is invited in your pants.. what a party set! kept me aroused for hours… !

  12. probably one of the best sets on betalounge, up there with Rootdown and C2. Killah.

  13. does anyone know the song that starts at minute 39.0 ? i need it urgently on vinyl =)

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