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Glenn Underground, Fil Latorre


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  1. I love glenn’s stuff! they have so much groove and mellowness but at the same time a real dancefloor energy…
    Thankx for the set!

  2. Friday,February10, 2005

    I’m discovering glenn’s realise and I’m so amaize to listen such groovy in a powerfull house bit. It’s so great!!! I love it!!! Thanks so much for all the fantastics things Beta Lounge give to us everydays… Hi Ha!!!

  3. i fell in love with glenn not for his generous crotch but for his generous beats… this is a sheer delight.. lovely soothing warm rich beats.. like cuddling nude somewhere funky.. thank you glenn

  4. Going back this evening to this set that I heard years ago. Still mesmerized by the the sounds of Fil Latore. Ahhh the memories of the late night sessions……

  5. woah checkin it out right now and feeeeeelin it. PLUR PEOPLE PLUR. Xx

  6. Get Down

  7. 2010, 10 years later and this set is STILL DOPE AS FUCK!

  8. you\’re right Mike!!!! Glenn always rules, any idea of the track which starts @ 1.55


  9. jeanbrunn –

    Track at 1:55 is DKMA – Creepin…from The Other EP/ Tweekin US / 2002

  10. Glenn MUTHAFUKIN UndaGRound!!!


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