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Thomas James [Residual Recordings]


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  1. great set, one of my favorites together with titonton duvante’s! also, it’s weird to hear the timestamp-stuff about the generic antrax medicine in canada. strange how that feeling of fear and awe faded away again, although we’re still living in very mysterious times …

  2. i love this mix! Before I embark on a private dancing extravaganza, let me tell those who happen upon it. This is house that makes me want to shake my ass. The tape I made of favorites is lost, though thanks to the archives, I am listening now and dancing again. Thanks betalounge!

  3. wow, this is a great mix. I love Bjork’s track. I’m glad I discovered this mix.
    god save Betalounge!

  4. experimental music driving cluesing

    I very deeply love the tune

    02:13:05 ~
    morgan geist’s “lullaby”

    like a dreaming

  5. I constantly come back to this mix a couple times a year since I first heard it way back when. Soooooooo nice!

  6. WOW! Legendary set. Just found it. Timeless & speechless. Betalounge IS the real thing. Thanks a lot!

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