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Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung, Don Shtone live from Hamburg


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Jan Jelinek, Mannequin Lung & Don Shtone play the third of a series of 8 cooperational shows between Levi’s Engineered Jeans and Beta Lounge Germany. The location was out-of-this-world, thanks to the nimmermuede kuenstler Bernd Jasper. Also in this series: DJ Dick, Isolee, Adam Goldstone, Recloose, Charlie Dark, Alex Attias,
Modaji & Viktor Duplaix. Check the – ENGINEERED – link to the right form more images, info etc…


  1. best klick-klack sounds ever!!!

  2. This is my favorite Jan Jelinek performance, and I think a highlight in his recorded output. This is Jelinek’s house sound distilled to its essence — deep, gauzy 4/4 throb ornamented with jewel-like bell tones and deconstructed snippets of melody. I’d love it if someone could release this as a higher quality recording, to better appreciate the nuances of the performance. This is likely my favorite Betalounge session ever.

  3. Sure!

    some really nice loops… with fluid layers and pure groove. Good job, Mr. Jelinek!
    Nice to play home!


  4. boy, he’s gotten better since then.

  5. Jan Jelinek for president

  6. The Jan Jelinek portion of this has got to be one of my favorite hours in Betalounge history!

  7. vielen dank for this good working music. es soll nie aufhoeren!

  8. Ha! December 2010 and this is still a great recording.

  9. da wird ja ganz schön geflucht im hintergrund..entspannt euch mal jelinek spielt!

  10. thank you, thank you, thank you… for keeping this whole archive alive!

    Thank you all who you are involved, the S.F. people, Hamburg peeps! Everybody who is involved behind the scene…
    You inspired me very, very much…

    This – your “work” – it is f*** unique and awesome… inhale these words… 😉

    I read that the “~ Loop finding Jazz Records” Album will be re-released. I love the way of Jan Jelinek with his own imprint “Faitiche”, but this sound is so unique and fantastique, i thought immediately if i got the notice about the “~ Loop finding Jazz Records” Album.

    Hugs & Best!

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