This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Steve Yanko, Peace Harvest


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  1. This mix is dope, the music is by far some of the best shit I’ve heard yet. Here it is three years later and I am still jockin it. It’s kinda long but start at 1:12:00.
    My Mom had to admitt that it was indeed dope. It was a lesson of deep funk rhythms and bumpy bass that finally pulled her in.
    This music needs to be exposed to the world and appreciated by everyone. The songs contained in this mix should be considered Classic. Too bad I dont have a playlist. Check it out though,, I’m tellin you. Take it from JT- you’ll like.

  2. slowly taking your shirt off… groove real slow… take them pants off… groove real slow… thats it.. yeah…

  3. wow time flies…
    like they say , classic and timeless tunes…

    anyone wanting to get in touch/hear more from Peace Harvest


    hit him up..


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