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Ron Trent


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  1. What can you say about Ron Trent? One of ChiTowns baddest. Bringing some of that old school soul to the new school audiences. Honestly, this is one of my favourite mixes on beta. It hasnt dated and im starting to think it has a timeless quality to it.

    And I think thats my girl Naomi Nsombi on the last track but im not sure. She’s fine.

  2. I am pleased, so very pleased.

  3. Ron Trent is not only one of ChiTown’s finest, but one of THE finest as far as house music is concerned. The true Godfather of the sound. I only wish I could’ve been around Chicago circa 1989! Mr. Fingers- Thank You.

  4. ron trent .. i would spawn your love child if it was possible.. that was delicious and had me aroused in a strange and exhillarating way.. rock hard for rockin beats.. rock it..

  5. I second that.

  6. can anybody help with the tracklist for the mix?

  7. tidy tidy selections. vibing off th hip hop jointz being dropped. strictly headshit. werd.

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