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Future Primitive Sound Radio #4 w/Z -Trip


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  1. better than the rest

  2. z-trips the shit.dope set

  3. unexpected mix of old school hip hop and rock, i loved it!

  4. i took some mad pills and just sweated and nodded at my desk for hours man, it was the bestest ever, im gonna do it this saturday night again, z trip just makes me spin out so much.. fuck man, just do pingers at your desk.. oh man , yeah.. mad beats ztrip babe..

  5. for me, zoo-trap is the number one party Dee Jay in the tri-county area. i saw him play with the SOUL RABBI and it blew me away…

  6. zed tripe rocks my head man, i just listened again and my brain is blown outta my ear and melting down my shoulder and there are bats and monkeys with big teeth and vampires and earthquakes and shit man..


  8. Yes! ZTRIP is one of those dj’s dj, not just rockinc the party, EDUCATING THE WORLD!

    keep it up ztrip can’t wait for the original album, we know its going to rock…
    thanks, RxFX!

  9. Z tripper may be rockin’ some bangin’ beats but what’s really getting me horny is DJ Anna and her mellow groove man… Mmmm… a mellow groove

  10. yo Z is da shiznits he rawked the MIA during da WMC..his assorted variety of record selections that cross genres with impeccable taste seam to be interwoven flawlessly like one perfect melody..THERE IS NO OTHER…

  11. Still going strong over two decades on. In honor of no particular occasion, I worked up a partially-complete setlist. As you can see, I still need a lot of help especially in the first half. But it’s a good start at least.

    26:07 OutKast ‎– ATLiens – LaFace 1996
    31:10 Sunshine Anderson ‎– Heard It All Before – Atlantic 2001
    32:08 ???
    37:06 Roni Size / Reprazent ‎– Who Told You – Talkin’ Loud 2000
    39:13 Mystikal f/ OutKast – Neck Uv Da Woods – Jive 2000
    42:25 ???
    44:20 ???
    47:17 ???
    50:18 ???
    52:28 M.C. Shan – Time For Us To Defend Ourselves – Cold Chillin’ 1990
    56:48 The Stone Roses ‎– Fools Gold – Silvertone 1989
    58:38 Organized Konfusion – Open Your Eyes – Hollywood BASIC 1991
    1:01:18 ???
    1:04:12 Boston – Long Time – Epic 1976
    1:06:57 Jane’s Addiction – Classic Girl – Warner Bros. 1990
    1:11:42 Pharoahe Monch ‎– Simon Says – Rawkus 1999
    1:12:34 Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Part II – Loud 1995
    1:14:22 Radiohead ‎– The National Anthem – Parlophone 2000
    1:15:49 Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick – Atlantic 1969
    1:18:30 Guru f/ The Roots – Lift Your Fist – Lingo 2001
    1:20:19 Duran Duran — Girls On Film (8 Millimetre Mix) – EMI 1998

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