This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Monty Luke, MJ Cole, Nigel Richards


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  1. fun & moving, a bit too soulful and vocal for my tastes

  2. Been listening to this one for a while now, and love it! Fun to reminisce about when two-step was hot. MJ Cole’s set is blazin’; the Jill Scott and De La/Chaka Khan mixes are worth the price of admission alone! Check in at the one-hour, fifty-minute mark for that one. In all, a great mix!

  3. I agree, this set rocks. I first heard it at the BBQ at beta lounge years ago and have listened to it gtrillions of times since then. I miss 2step and MJ Cole’s set gives me my fill.

  4. mmm sweet sweet pie… smear it all over your buttocks and strap yourself into a nappie.. this is going to be a funky tasty sensual ride … its not uncomfortable wearing a nappy… its cool man.. and this set fortifies your coolness.. so embrace the nappy and reject the societal confines of conservative toilet users.. let the funk flush for you…

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