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No Forcefield


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  1. no forfield rocks, this show is unlike their albums though. main members of the group include Larry LaLonde and Brain from Primus, Bob C. Cock aka The Filthy Ape, DJ Disk, and Butthouse from the Limbomaniacs and Ben Wa. the group has 2 albums, Lee’s Oriental Massage and God is an Excuse (and we want more man ass) their style is comparable to the Beta Band and Kid 606 as in its highly experimental and mixing beats and songs.

  2. A DOPE steady mix of HIP HOP instrumentals W/ DUB feel and efx. Fun and smoove. BUMPIN’ it inKY!

  3. trips out …lectro bounce …skratch frenzy!!!

  4. I stumbled over this today, incredible hip hop melodies.

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