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Lazy Dog [Ben Watt & Jay Hannan], Red Melon 2×4 with JZ, Dano


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  1. Yo, what was the second or third track on this mix, one with the funky guitar chords and the organ lead sound, gotta be the best funky house track ive heard in ages!!!

  2. yo, this is yo.. you know what i mean.. it just washes over yo like a money shot.. bam.. funky then even more funky as the funk begins to stick.. but its got beats to yo.. so that means it has an electronic rythym throughout that pulses well and show us some classic music for easy listening… porno in an elevator. yo..

  3. Still would love to hire you guys on…. wedding…. barmitzfah….. hanukah!!!!

  4. Checkout Ben Watt’s Buzzin Fly Cd’s And Jay Hannan Underdog

    Great set!!!!

  5. This is a sweet set! Gotta love them Lazy Dogs! Ben and Jay rock the HOUSE! Check out Jay’s Underdog scene in the UK.


  6. peeped this – heavy business f\’real.
    been on teh betalounge flex like crazy as of late after a pretty long hiatus…. remembering why this site is so ILL!

    yo – large up the betalounge crew. maximum boost from the teedot. werd up.

    shouts to the lazy dog camp – serious selectionz.

  7. Nice! For anyone who cares, Dano and Jay start their 2×4 set at around 1:17:00

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