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Rob Swift


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  1. Every time I come to this site, I always check out Rob Swift’s amazing accomplishments. I always skip the first half, though, and move right to the 21 minute mark. Here I find an amazing stylist on the turntables and my mind is blown away. The beats, the styles, the grooves… it’s out of this world. Check it out… I think you’ll enjoy it, too.

  2. …agreed, though I recommend listening from the start – or else skipping to about 18 minutes where there is a beautiful piano piece which leads into Nas’ the world is yours. From then on it’s sublime with some fantastic James Brown cuts

  3. Great old skool selections, took me back in a good way. Scratch segment blew my mind. One of the true masters of the turntables. Dont sweat the technics.

  4. you rob baby, you really scratch my itch.. i dont itch no more coz of your set man.. my balls have been liberated from itchiness.. love that scratch man.. you are my scratchy guru…

  5. Definetly one of my top ten sets on beta lounge even though it’s short.

  6. after listening to this set I understand why rob swift is considered the louis armstrong of hip hop. At the 18 minute mark when he brings in that piano solo he sets u up for 10 minutes of pure jazz and funk turntablism!

  7. Great Set very Funky ,newyork style hiphop all glolden Era shit,,
    nice ROB

    new website

    nuff respect sire
    sit back and lite it Up, yall,

  8. keep it real

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