This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Pole, Jan Jelinek, Burnt Friedmann, 370


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  1. I love this show,it gets better and better .
    if you are look out for a basic channel musicset ,like i do ,this one can help.

  2. Can anyone tell me the track name and artist at 1:11:00????

    I MUST KNOW!!!!!!


  3. aaah, no one does the drums like mr friedman, you need an audio microscope to understand the rhythms — *gush*

  4. Ive come to this one all the time. This set was done on my B-Day!

  5. WOW, burnts stuff on here is amazing, i dont recognise any of the tunes he plays maybe a few elements of some traks he later released but on the hole a very exclusive burnt friedman set right here!!

  6. This show is still one of my favourites even after all these years!

  7. The sounds from the betalounge are just absolutely timeless epic pieces of amazingness
    Chris Cidic Kirmula in 2004 loadfaster onken Jim West

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