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Jan Jelinek, Burnt Friedmann, Pole live from CCAC


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  1. Am I the only one who dares check out the archives of old shows? This is a super hot set of low light IDM goodness. Pole does his usual tech dub thang, Jan Jelinek brings on the warm jets in his semi-micro house inflected set, and Burnt Friedman is in classic farty jazz glitch form. Just goes to show Betalounge has been bringing the cutting edge in sound design for a while. Now if they could just get live set with Thomas Brinkmann and his self-invented dual stylus turntable, we’d have a near complete record of the hottest experimental click ish- out there.

  2. forgot to mention that the whole event is started out with a Kit Clayton DJ set that’s totally Krispy Kreme, Hot and Now style.

  3. This is not my cup of tea. Sounds like a bunch of noise.

  4. Then, textex, you clearly have no appreciation for minimal electronic music. Maybe you should stick to the Paul Oakenfolds and DJ Tiestos of the world with all their dull rehashing of 90s trance and prog house.

  5. This is one of my favourite burnt friedman sessions, absolutly timeless, play this 200 years from now and it will sound better than ever !

  6. it IS a bunch of noise…excellent, excellent noise. click, click–cut, cut–snip, snip.

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