This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

King Kooba, DJ Cue Record Release Party


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  1. every now and then you come across a set on betalounge that you know is just right.. im at my desk.. im peakin.. im lovin it…

    and im aroused…

  2. Really nice King Kooba set. Cool version of fooling myself.

  3. Hey hey, anyone who knows which is the track around 32minutes….

    Thanks in advance….


  4. 3 years late, but the track is \’Orson\’ by Nuspirit Helsinki. I\’m not sure which mix, but I know it\’s not the album version.

  5. Does anyone know the track around 26 minutes? That orchestral sample is awesome! Haven’t been able to locate for 16 years šŸ™‚

  6. The track is from Kabuki and called Lizard. Not sure what the sample is from though.

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