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DJ Cam & Heiko Jahnke live at PopKomm2000


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Agreed, there aren’t many Dj’s as sensitive and romantic as DJ Cam, but on this day we discovered Heiko ‘Turnvadder’ Jahnke and his velvet sound. He complained that the line up made him nervous and then he blew us all away… did I mention that Mr. Boolweevil kicked off the night with the premiere of his auto-generative dub processor, witnessed not only by mad professor?


  1. Felicity. Not the show, the set.

  2. ….those piano strings + female voice in the first track :

    is that the original record sampled by Pépé Bradock to make da french deephouse bomb
    ‘burning’ on KIF ?

    And now the question: what’s the name of that record….


  3. the first track is one of cams own productions entitled ‘juliet’ (love version) but the strings
    that had been sampled by pepe braddock as well are taken from the intro of freddie hubbard’s ’79 version of ‘little sunflower’ (featured on his album ‘the love connection’ on columbia). there’s also an amazing theo parrish edit of that tune under the name ‘motor city’ which came out in his ugly edits series in early 03. a tribe called quest used those strings for their track ‘the love’ featured on their album ‘the love movement’ back in ’98.

  4. Que chevere! Buen sonido y bastante recomendado!!!
    What that translates to is fukin wicked and highly recommended. DJ Cam knows how to rip it up! If interested you should listen to his latest album Liguid Hip Hop.

    ONe love

  5. yup.. yup.. yup.. just does it for me.. uh huh.. uh huh.. like im doin it real slow and its just sooo good.. pump it up.. ohh..

  6. CAM rules absolutely- cheeers from AMS

    the PRINCE RULES the Crowd ‘once again
    NO DOUT Yall
    i love this MIX
    and this is the DRTipsy
    from the Bronx,
    NYCdown with the RAMM:EllZEE


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