This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

WMC 2000 XLR8R Party at the Clevelander Hotel


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  1. I think that the current U.S. accounts deficit is too high. It will lead to a devalaution of the dollar. So buy all the european shit now because it will be too expensive a year from now.

  2. Who worries about devaluation of the dollar if you can listen to this awsome 9 hour set by the cream de la creme of the music artists and djs. A mix of all kind of music flowing on and on … it don´t stop groovin’

    Peter Kruder, Jazzanova, Trüby , Alex Kid… etc…

    keep on supporting the betalounge !!! A part of our lifes we wouldn´t want to miss!!!

  3. I havent\’ checked this set in YEARS, and I\’m enjoying it a lot today. Sweeet!

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