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Transmat Tour – Stacey Pullen


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  1. Terrifc set. Almost four hours of pumping Detroit techno. Stacey Pullen is God.

  2. Unglaublich! Seit 1.5 Std immer noch der selbe Druck. Es scheint ein ewiger Höhepunkt zu sein *g* Es kommt immer Abwechselung dazu rein. Sehr geschmackvolle und stilvolle Musik, ich bin beeindruckt! Die Technik ist extra stark und vielfältig! Ein exzellenter DJ… House auf Hochtouren!

  3. djs are no gods they just put a record and mix it along with the other

  4. Yes and I bet you sir cannot mix for shit.

  5. thankyou stacey……….you are the fries and the ketchup!

  6. I first heard Stacey Pullen mixing on his Radio 1 Essential Mix in the UK. That set was absolutely awesome. Since then he has never failed to disappoint, and this set is no exception. It’s OK as such, but I find it a little bland. Perhaps that’s cos I’m listening to it five years on, but even in 2000 this would have sounded a little unoriginal.

  7. Uau Uau Uau Uau Uau !!!! Respect !! I´m waiting for more of SP. tnks Beta Lounge, good vibes !!

  8. I’m listening to this set 7 years later and i gotta still makes my hairs stand. All we hear today is this garbage in clubs with all this new school electro crap for a bunch of candy kids and wannabies. This set is the roots of techno and house. Respect it!

  9. Miss that era of house music. Big full kicks, looped
    disco, filtered funky goodness. Mixed with vinyl! So much better. Go Stacey!

  10. Simply Great!

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