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Luke Slater


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  1. All the way from australia
    iv been listening for i dont know how many years but this place is lets just say great
    Everybody knows who has a brain in there head
    But more about this track been listening a llong time a few years in fact
    iI wonder how the people must have felt listerning to such a set only a week
    before oops two weeks before the big bang the emotion
    must have been amazing
    And we all want our souls to feel that way again
    what a time it was
    My first research project and it spawned a passion
    yours love all over
    john symptom + doesa

  2. This is a very interersting set which has definetly changed my views about Luke’s love of Techno.

    The first hour of the set shows Luke’s skills on the decks mixing some classic Detroit vintage Techno. Whereas the second hour he displays his love for deeper more soulful style of techno which has absolutly educated me about this guys diverse interests.

    I think more recently Luke has been afiliated with the harder techno sounds with minimalist intentions so it is oh so refreshing to take a step back and hear this mix. A true gem IMO

  3. The mixing is kinda choppy. The tracks are classics that bring back alot of good memories.

  4. Fun set… can anyone ID the quirky, bleepy track that kicks in around the 19:00 mark?

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