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King Britt live from the Lounge Club – Hamburg, Germany


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  1. This show is incredible. Just the type of house music I love. Deep, jazzy, soulful. I first heard it a few years ago(early 2000), and it inspired me to want to be a house DJ. It reinforced with me the importance of song selection, flow, pacing and mood. I’ve made compilation CDs for years, but this is the first time I really became aware of beatmatching, and what it took to be really good at it. I’m still working on live beatmatching, but last year I used a computer program to put together about 7 beatmatched mixes of my favorite house tracks. It was all inspired by this show.

  2. i’ve been listening to this mix for about 4 years now. =)

  3. I must have played this mix at least 50 times over the past 5 years , its still fresh to this day. One of my fav’s . Pure bliss….pure flow. A real VIBE >


  4. This mix is the shit….so beautiful, soulful, poetic. Must have listened to this set a million times. One of my all time faves……….stellar.

  5. anyone know the name and artist of the first 5 songs of this set, they just drip sex… I would love to get my hands on them!

  6. oh yes def in my top 5 mixes of the arcrhive

  7. Love the mix, soulful, deep , sexy, King Britt really pleasures the soul with a terrific blend of house music. In my opinion this is one of the best mixes on the website. King Britt is a true DJ who knows how to take the listener on a journey through the many realms of house. Nuff respeck – One – P

  8. love to lounge.. this set makes me feel like sitting around in my underwear and drinking cool beer and stuffing my hand into my pants to scratch and then getting up and dancin.. its way funky, housey, souly stuff as the comments below.. but more so, its sensual.. makes you want to move your hips.. perhaps pumping back and forwards.. fun!

  9. the first one is
    sylk 130 – seasons change (philharmonix mix)

  10. Damn good set. I love it! Everyone who hasn’t heard this should give it a listen.


  11. I remember a tape i made of this mix back in ’99 that I used to rock in my WALKMAN (crazy to think that was 7 years ago). It still sounds fresh as it was back then. RESPECT to betalounge for keepin’ on’ and keepin this music alive.

  12. …yeah!…the climax we all need

  13. I think this set has influenced me more ever than any other dj-set i’ve heard. I still don’t know how king manages to find the deepest and still heartwarming tracks to play for the audience. he’s king for sure!;)

  14. I thought I had lost these sets in my mind, but thanks to Betalounge they play on forever, this is definetly one of my faves ever!

  15. I´m listening to this set over and over for the past 5 years…it´s one of the best
    deep house sets I´ve ever heard!

    Does anybody know the name of the track starting at 8´20 ending at about 12´00 I need to get this track…deepness at its best!

  16. Jerome Sydenham And Kerri Chandler – Powder -Madhouse Records, Inc.

  17. Thanks BetaLounge for keeping this set.
    After all these years since 2000 I keep coming back here just to listen to this particular set.

  18. Back again !

  19. i remember this set from when it was first posted…i saw king britt @ a club a few weeks back & decided to hear it again……we listened to a cd version of this set for new years y2k…wow…thanks a million for keeping it posted…

  20. Powerfulldeepdjsetdancingmasterpiece!!!!


  21. can someone id the track that\’s played at 18:26?
    one of the best dj sets i have ever heard…

  22. actually would it be possible to get an entire setlist for this?lol

  23. love this set!
    I\’ve been returning since 2000 to listen to this one.

  24. Would love to know where \”Send in the Clowns\” came from (around 1h34m).

  25. @ Muchomachomost = most of the tracks here are from Naked Music

  26. @ Muchomacho = I meant to say you can find similar tracks in Naked Music. not meant to say most of the track are from naked music.

  27. @ cloak002 = It sounds like Grace Jones might be her.

  28. @cloak – this is actually originally performed by grace jones, but in this case the deep monster is by salt city orchestra – feel up and features the voice of roisin murphy:)

  29. @rswan – i\’d like to know also for all these 9 years what version is this. i know it\’s been sung by lorez alexandria (on Jazzman) but it\’s somekind of (unreleased?) brokenbeat-ish remix. But I\’m glad to say that I\’ve got most of the records that he played in this set collected during these past years.

  30. I\’ve also been coming back to the lounge to find this mix. Does anyone know the name of the track from 11:19 to 17:06?

  31. Lovetronic – You Are Love (Petalpusher Dub) – Naked Music Recordings

  32. No offense, but the only reason why I\’m logged on to Beta Lounge is because of this mix…I never tire of listening to it even after all these years!

  33. Back again ! Legendary mix perfect for today\’s festivities!

  34. most amazing that you still have this in your archive. listener since \’99. \’Like\’ it whenever I can.

  35. betalounge crew, keep this mix available forever, please 🙂

  36. 1. Sylk 130 – season’s change (Philharmonic mix)
    2. Maxwell – fortunate
    3. Jerome Syndeham & Kerri Chandler – powder (original demo mix)
    4. Lovetronic – you are love (Jay’s afrotonic vocal)
    5. Atmosfear – feel up (spook)
    6. King Britt – scuba
    7. The Amalgamation Of Soundz – resurrections
    8. Ananda Project – cascades of colour (journey to color mix)
    9. Maximum Style & JB Rose – wake up (King Britt underwater scuba mix)
    10. Solar House – universal
    11. Salome de Bahia – outro lugar
    12. Longineau Parsons – funkin around (Amalgamation Of Soundz remix)
    13. Jazzanova – burnin’ (Jazzanova remix)
    14. Elastic Band – funk in suspense
    15. ?
    16. Tiny Trendies – the sky is not crying (Solid Goldstone club)
    17. A:xus – baghdad cafe
    18. Bah Samba – reach inside
    19. Lorez Alexandria – sen in the clowns (remix?)
    20. United Future Organization – flying saucer (Modaji out there somewhere mix)
    21. Katma – bateria e baixa
    22. Har-You Percussion Group – welcome to the party
    23. Stacy Kidd – razz-a-jazz
    24. Taxi – livin’ on the wire
    25. King Britt – cirque (Jazzanova mix)
    26. ?
    27. ?
    Bob Sinclair – save our soul (Brian Tappert re-edit)

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