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Berlin Beta – DJ Profanter, Antje Greie-Fuchs, Alton Miller


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Maria am Ostbahnhof, the original. Across the street from “the” wall. It was so hip, it was scary :-). Dont go looking for it there now, it’s gone (2003).



  1. Uhh, i remember being at the Maria for this show. Great electronic sounds from AGF, wonderful house by Alton.
    0:01:40 Profanter
    1:54:30 Antye
    3:07:12 Alton Miller

  2. love that, different kinds of electronic music especially the profanter & agf set… sure, Alton did it well here, too 😉
    it´s so great to looking into your archive, pick up one show and hear it 5 hours, while you are sitting around with a bottle of wine and good beer, to do a little of “homework” and relax…
    You weren´t away…, but it´s great to see the “whole” archive back again… some people never thought…
    Big THX! (again & again) to all the BetaLounge guys of San Francisco and Hamburg… for the most marvelous, incredible and delightful (eclectric) archive in the whole universe, that it is!

    all the best from the rest, bavaria!

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