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Dego [4 hero], Capital A, Sep


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  1. nice.

    I have been a fan of 4 Hero and associated crews since the birth of Reinforced back in 1991.

    They were among the pioneers of the old skool hardcore/jungle scene which has been dear to me for over a decade now. (tune in every Thursday 8-10 on if you want proof 🙂

    So… it is nice to hear what Dego spins when not doing old skool / d+b.

    I have listened to this set a good dozen times or so over the last few years and that is testament enough!

  2. hi,
    I would like to know who is the artist of the first track of this show.
    many thanks in advance.

  3. Very well mixed set of sep: just as as mooth as i need with all this stress inside me today

  4. excuse me i meant dego’s set . but i was thinking he will play in second position cause he’s the star. About sep it seems to be too calm dub for play after 4 hero’s guy…

  5. Answer for Arkestra :

    The very first track of this show is : Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts – Piano Black [Ian O’Brien Remix]. You can find it on *Music For Freelance : Cowboy Bebop Remixes* LP released on Victor Entertainment Japan in 1999. ^^

    I hope it will help, if you ever read this message.

    See ya, and enjoy the music !

  6. aah, so fresh! good 4 late night listening..

  7. In LOVE with this set; good as spoons..

    Does anyone know what track is playing in Dego’s set at minute 37?
    That is a JAM!

  8. many thanks KojaK!
    ciao from rome, italy 🙂

  9. What’s that track @ around the 13 minute mark? Talking about the big long Afrojazz drum work-out.


  10. Whats that great track starting at 1:41:35 ?

    • Check the answer of Kojak back in 2005 somebody already asked .

      • @Jean: i am looking for the great track starting at 1h41min35sec, and Kojak was giving answer to one of the first track of the 4hero/Capital A set. And the one i am looking for is the first track from Sep. Do you have any info about the track i am looking for?

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