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Richie Hawtin


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  1. The midwest rocks

  2. Technooooo centrifugeuse mmmmmmmmmm / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /././././././././././././././././././..

  3. i love the beats that rock my heart

  4. All hail the PLASTIKMAN.

  5. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. I had the chance to watch him DJ live at TT (Melbourne) Man does he goes go off!!!! This guy is one of a kind!!!

  7. if only there was more recognition of the thumping awesomeness of detroit…………….mmm bangingm goodness

  8. this one is good……..need more like this sound……feels good !!

  9. This is the Minimal Techno hard….
    It’s our own legend.

  10. Classic Ritchie baby!!! Wicked Trax!

  11. Good old Hawtin!

    Hail to the decks,FX&909

    Would be priceless to hear him perform like this nowerdays.

  12. Nice…
    had to go deep to find this one…PLASTIKMAN Hawtin. Detroit Packard Plant was the shit. I wish bata lounge would have more detroit artist in the past shows.

  13. whenever i need to be in a really spaced out place i come to betalounge and set this thing up.
    much paint has been flung over the years to these sounds right here.


  14. oh my gawd..

    yes … the packard building..
    as well as heaven and hell on Gratiot..

    big respect to mike shannon..cynosure records..

    the newest PLUS8 M_nus…

    yeaaaaa!! Ritchie..

  15. Wow finally found some great minimal techno.

    I wish there was more and I wish I had been at this party! It\’s hard to find online and in US but worth the trouble!

    Plastikman forever!

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