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Derrick May


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  1. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    make some noise for a legend!!

    for those who have dug deep to find this mix you will not be dissapointed!!

  2. deeeee troyte!
    deeeee troyte!

  3. Great set!! Check out his other set 3-1-96. That set is even better!

  4. May is just the best jock in the world!

  5. i’ve just listened to the show and this is one of the best i’ve heard from Derrick!A bit older though but good!

  6. wicked mix!! nearly 8 years old but still ahead of the pack….

  7. there are few better vibes in any set i have heard available on the web. peace and rip to the s6 guys. they were always way cool to me and i loved what they were doing with their dotcom business spreading it to the detriot culture as well as the detriot business scene.

    the shape of this mix is so hella phat that if i were there i am quite sure i would have lost it completey. congrats you have stumbled upon one of the webs top 5 mixes in my opinion.


  8. I discovered this set back in 2000 and i’ve been floored every since…this has to be my most favorite set on Beta Lounge…..i wish I could get a cd or tape of this :)….yeah I said it….Tape…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. fuckin a…….derrick rocks!!!!wickedd

  10. Derrick May is my favorite, so it’s no surprise I would say this- the Beatlounge 1996 set is the best recorded techno set I’ve ever heard- if you’ve haven’t heard it yet, check it out. Betalounge, if you have the original recording somewhere, sign something and get this set onto CDs or mp3!! I mean, you have an obligation here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. MAnn ThiZ really Rokz! MOtoWn RuleZ

  12. i have been searchin for years for a may mix on the web. I am 3 tracks in and already i am blown away. Was lucky enough to see him play in LIverpool, UK January 2004, 100 people were in a big room , enough for 1000 people perhaps. The atmosphere was amazing, only derrick may couldve made us party like that.

    Hail May !

  13. First of all, One of the best mixes i have ever heard!! REALLY LOVE IT!!
    maybe somebody can help me.. i have almost all the records on the tape, but i am looking for the one after the ari jukka – floorfunk.
    maybe someday somebody who knows it will read this and help me.. looking for it since 8 years:-)

  14. Excellent mix! good quality recording also A++

    Would anyone have a tracklist for this set?

  15. Im no expert but this sounds the biz.

    Quite a few of you are after a CD etc.

    Download a free MP3 recorder from here –

    Its free! just tell it where you want it to record to and clarify you want it to be an MP3 and away you go, just stream the music and press start.

    No more searching for downloadable mixes, anything that streams can be recordable.

    Only prob now is that there is soooooo much stuff.

  16. Page Not Found error! Nooo!!

  17. Raaaaah ! Waiting so long to hear back this amazing set, so chic ! Thank you so much. Muas ! Lov !

  18. geez this mix, dang. Been listening since it was on the Sigma6 site.

    second post here about this ill retarted wtf set.

    that 430 west track sits down so nice.

    guy can choose records can\’t he??

  19. so dope!

    thanks again Beta Lounge.

    // wmz

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