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Henrik Schwarz [sunday music], Juju Christian [futurejam]


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Originally this set went to archives together with the livework of Henrik Schwarz. Christian and him played the show together the same day showcasing the label zeppelin records. You can find henrik’s set in the archives here.

Henrik Schwarz

Zeppelin Records

Christian Treuter


  1. Love the whole format of Henrik’s mix….most definately on my level of solid programming as both a dj/producer…..this is one brotha to keep an eye on…….Peep out his other sets on Moodmusic……..peace

  2. got some good mood in this one….enjoying it!

  3. henrik schwarz- way too much soul for a german!

  4. Have this fantastic EP of his….. great DJ too >>

  5. wow… a german with a pulse! awesome.. maybe he was born in germany and then emigrated to somewhere more funky.. well actually anywhere is more funky.. i want to touch myself in a funky way..

  6. Great set from Henrik and crew !!! Respect from Amsterdam !

  7. mori mori mori mori

  8. actually this dope mix is from zeppelin label owner juju christian supporting henrik – so glad you have it in the archive

  9. not too much Soul for a german, because most Party from the set are not from henrick schwarz, they are from JuJu Christian! Respect

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