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Staple SF – Miguel “Migs”, Markie Mark


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  1. Though I have lived on the east coast for the last 10 years, and never had the opportunity to visit staple, I imagine that to have been in person on this evening would have been a singular pleasure.


  2. ive never heard a miguel migs set that didnt blow my mind…..beautiful san francisco house !! this set is so deliciously smooth . cant help but like each record more than the one before it….migs is the man…sweat the skills so hard !
    peace, laurie

  3. This Migs set is classic. I challenge anyone that hasn’t gotten opened up to his sound to check it. DOPE!

  4. Amazing! Smooth!

  5. I agree with all of u, miguel sets are so hot, and i never regret buying em. this one is real smooth

  6. Migs just blows it up on this one. Smoothest set I’ve heard from him in a while. Perfect for summer listening (or while dreaming about summer during winter)! Miguel, you’re the truth!

  7. love this fucking set!!!

  8. does anyone know any other sites with streaming sets of Migs ? they seem hard to find…

  9. If you guys like Migs, check out the Naked Music label. I got a buddy that spins alot of naked music and he’s got every record on that label so far. Great for all djs who like that lov’d up house!

  10. everyone seems to have overlooked the real gem that is markie’s set toward the end. his legend status in sf dwarfs that of migs by far

  11. I most definitely have to agree with the previous comment , The entire set is a gem, it’s full course, dynamic, and just plain sick.

  12. Almost ten years later and I still can\’t get enough of this set. It is truly timeless.

  13. Beta Lounge its been some time! I loved you then and after listening again tonight I love you all over again! As for Migs…you’ve never let me down, this set is off the chart good! OH SO FABULOUS! Its been +20 years since my house days in SF….was hitting the scene in the mid 90’s through 2000s. Sitting here working a late night and grooving to this set while reminiscing of my care free house years. Good times!

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